N4 Takes OKC by Storm!


N4 Takes OKC by Storm!

N4 Takes OKC by Storm! 900 598 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Dah-lings, don't you just love the hair our Number 4 Artistic Team created in Oklahoma

to raise funds for the tornado victims? I say, gorgeous Dah-ling. I asked a

few of the artists to break down their looks for me so I can do it at home.

You can try too!

Here are my favorite's I can't wait to wear to my next event.


“Punky Pink Braided-Pomp” Designed by Number 4 Artist Meleesa Miller


“Pretty in pink with a Punk twist” said Meleesa about her look.

1. Add some Number 4 Non Aerosol Hair Spray all over your dry hair to give it texture and flexibility.

2. Start at the side burn and create a french braid across the forehead to the next side burn.

3. In the back, back comb the remaining hair to create a cushion.

4. Shape, mold and pin the hair at your desired height or style.

5. Loosen the braid with your fingers and some texture styling cream for dramatic effect and piecy-ness

“The GlamFroHawk” Designed by Curt Darling


“Deconstructed Glamour” said Curt Darling about this look.

1. Shampoo and leave your hair wet. Section the top from the sides in a MoHawk Section. Twist the top section in knots and

around pins with Number 4 Firm Hold Gel to create the “fro” texture.

2.  Use Number 4 Texture Styling Cream and Number 4 Fluoro5 to give hair texture and allow for ease of braiding. Then braid the side sections in any pattern.

3. Allow the top to completely dry, and take pins out of mohawk section. Brush out. Shape with Mighty.

6.  Extra: For dramatic effect, Braid some extension hair into a fishtail and slither through a flexible wire. You can mold this into an S shape and attach to your warrior look.

“The Fifi Bardot” Designed by Erin Patterson


“The bigger the better” said Patterson about her look.

1. Start by adding Number 4 Styling Foam at the roots; cocktail that with

Number 4 Support Solution through the mid-section and ends.

2. Blow dry with a round brush and set curls with clips at the scalp for maximum volume.

3. Once cooled, use the 3/4 inch curling iron and place the curls so there are no two curls stacked onto of another.

4. Brush with Mason Pearson or flat brush.

5. Pin sides back and use a ton of Number 4 Mighty Hair Spray.


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