Transform Your Hair From Weekday to Weekend Styles

Weekday to Weekend Hairstyle

Transform Your Hair From Weekday to Weekend Styles

Transform Your Hair From Weekday to Weekend Styles 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Weekday to weekend hairstyleBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Doesn’t it kinda feel like we’re always wearing our hair the same way, so when it gets to the weekend we look like what we did whilst at work? There’s nothing wrong with that. But dah-ling, you own the weekend! It’s your time to really shine, be your true self and show off your style.

Get a little adventurous with your locks! It can really help differentiate a typical weekday to a sparkling or relaxed weekend, and that is so important to recognize. We spend so much of our time at work, we deserve to remember our OOO styles.

Not only that, being able to dress and style differently on the weekend may help our minds switch off from work and give us a boost we all probably need.

We’ve put together a handful of easy hairstyles that will elevate your look so it’s weekend-approved!

Glossy Beach Waves

Dah-ling, nothing shouts “the weekend start here” more than glossy waves! They’re the complete party accessory and add a fun and bouncy side to your look. There’s a number of ways you can achieve glossy waves but we’re going to tell you one of the quickest and easiest!

Start with N4’s Sugar Texturizing Spray. This is like a magical liquid and will take your hair from simple to sizzling! The N4 Sugar Texturizing Spray denounces salt while heralding sugar, giving your locks a sweet love for hair texture.

It’s super easy to use, simply spray onto either damp or dry hair and style as desired. If your hair is damp we recommend drying with a diffuser to give your strands extra oomph!

Lastly, finish off with N4’s Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil to not only give your hair that desired time-defying glossy shine, but also to help protect it during the warmer months!

Straight and Spicy Hairstyle

If you have naturally curly/wavy hair or tend to wear your locks up during the week, then nothing beats letting them down and looking straight, sleek and sexy! Didn’t you hear dah-ling? Straight hair is all the rage this season.

This look will just about go with all spring/summer styles and is so easy to achieve.

It’s important to start with N4’s Smoothing Balm. It’s a true warrior and has the ability to tackle complex textures of frizzy, wavy and unruly locks. Its formula creates the tiniest smoothing molecules meaning you’ll be left with silky smooth locks that are also protected from the humidity.

All you need to do is distribute the product evenly through damp hair and blow dry as desired. We recommend using the hair dryer facing downwards to help achieve the sleek look you’re after, and make sure to continuously brush your strands as you dry.

Depending on your hair type you may need to apply straighteners. The Smoothing Balm will act as your heat protector as well but make sure to add a little of our liquid gold the N4 Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil. This will add a glossy finish and help smooth any extra little flyaways!

Jazzed Up Pony

Whether you wear your hair up or down at work there’s ways to jazz it up with a pony! Swap your basic hair band for a colorful scrunchie. Or, why not try adding a headscarf to your look? You can check out a number of ways to get the look here.

Whatever accessory you add to jazz up your pony make sure to apply the N4 Firm Hold Gel to achieve a high, sleek and secured style. Distribute evenly through damp hair. Blow dry or air dry, as desired (although we do prefer using the hairdryer as it leaves you with a super-shiny finish).

If you’re looking to really perfect a high sleek pony make sure to check out our top tips.

Claw Clipped Back

We take our claw clip with us literally everywhere!

It’s one of those accessories that will forever be handy when your hair is in your face. The great news is that they’re so versatile and you can experiment with loads of different styles.

If you’ve got long bangs or bits of a fringe then pull them out as you scrape the rest of your hair back, whether it’s half up or fully up. These extra dangly bits will help add a chilled vibe to your look, or you can curl them for a more glammed-up look!

This look is sophistication at its finest and dah-ling you will be the hottest chic on the scene! With any claw clip hairstyle we recommend using the N4 Smoothing Balm before styling. It has the ability to tackle complex textures of frizzy, wavy and unruly locks.

Simply use N4’s Smoothing Balm on damp strands and blow dry as you usually would.

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