Healthy Hair Tips For Men


Healthy Hair Tips For Men

Healthy Hair Tips For Men 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care



Never let it be said that we don’t care about how our men look. Confidence and charisma come from within but our men-folk deserve to look polished and feel pampered too. Let’s face it, one thing that unites humanity is the quest for good hair! So we’re paying homage to the opposite sex, and giving our blog a little masculine make-over. Because no-one needs to endure bad hair days.

With Father’s Day coming up, today, we’re reviewing our top healthy hair tips for men alongside which Number 4 High Performance Hair Care products we recommend you road test. If you’re currently stuck for gift ideas, why not treat your main man to a N4 eGift card and let them splurge on our range of high performance hair products?

Scalp Control!

As a man, understanding what kind of scalp you have is essential. A proper hair care regime starts at the scalp. Depending upon the nature of your hair follicles, it will determine whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair. All scalps naturally secrete sebum which helps hair stay healthy and hydrated, but for men, it’s crucial to match hair products with scalp condition.

#Oily Scalp

If you’re likely to suffer from greasy looking hair, you may want to focus on strengthening and rebalancing products. A must-have recommendation is N4’s Clarifying Shampoo. Withy plant-based cleansing agents, It’s the perfect antidote for regular users of wax, gel and pomade, delivering a deep cleansing treatment that doesn’t strip the hair or scalp of essential oils.

Those among you with oily scalps should be careful not to over-stimulate the follicles so treat your scalp with plenty of tender loving care rather than scrubbing it vigorously. Gently does it when it comes to washing your hair so as not to compound the problem by exacerbating the production of more sebum.

#Dry Scalp

Those among you with a dry scalp will have a tendency towards dandruff, or mandruff as we like to call it around here. Before you despair, it is entirely possible to manage using gluten and paraben free products, such as those found in the Number 4 collections. Harsh chemicals are not the cure. Instead the emphasis should be on hydration. If you do suffer badly from an extremely dry scalp, then you may need an over-the-counter solution, but start out by using N4’s Hydrating Conditioner and see how you get on. It’s been especially created to moisturize and can help to soothe scalp.  We recommend leaving it for longer periods of time (3-5 minutes) if hair really needs rescuing.

#Normal Scalp

Lucky you! You may or may not be “normal” (who are we to judge!) but your scalp certainly is! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after your hair though. Au contraire! What it does mean is that you have carte blanche to be more selective, experimenting with the products you use. We still highly recommend that you focus on hydrating and fortifying. But go wild and check out all the N4 luxe minis and grab yourself a new styling hero HERE! One of our favorite products for men is Texture Paste. It’s the ultimate versatile styling product, perfect for long and short hair, adding dimension while creating matte texture. For all those little flyaway hairs that you’re struggling to control, Texture Paste puts them on lightweight lockdown! They aren’t going anywhere, even if you are!

Developing Healthy Hair Habits

Just like all the dah-lings out there reading the N4 Blog, dudes take note. Lukewarm showers are the best way to go. Not only will they help you to keep your cool, but they also minimize frizziness and split ends. We’re not talking a bracing cold shower either. This isn’t bootcamp! If the water is too cold, the capillaries in your scalp could constrict, resulting in a lack of blood flow, required to deliver nutrients. Simply go for a happy medium heat to maintain healthy hair.

So there you have it. Take care of your scalp and it will reward you with great hair.

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