Number 4 Product Spotlight – Styling Solution

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Number 4 Product Spotlight – Styling Solution

Number 4 Product Spotlight – Styling Solution 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

high performance hair care productsBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Looking for the perfect high performance hair care products can seem a little overwhelming. It’s not until you’re standing in the hair care aisle and suddenly you’re not sure if your hair is damaged or just dry. And what about your hair type? It sometimes has a little wave in it but today it’s looking rather straight.

Dah-ling, do not stress. There’s no need to pull your hair out over it! Today we are sharing another product in the spotlight; N4’s Styling solution. It’s the perfect product for all hair types and offers stylistic moral support whilst nourishing, moisturizing, and conditioning your locks.

It offers a little bit of everything, for everyone. Read on to discover more.

What is N4’s Support solution?

You can think of the Support Solution as a mix between a hairspray, serum and gel. Each of these individual products don’t always sit quite right on our heads. You may find your average hairspray doesn’t give that glossy effect and leaves your hair crunchy and stiff. Or the serum just leaves your hair looking like a giant greasy mop.

The N4 Support Solution is so versatile it gives a firm but soft hold, offers the glossy shine we all desire and works hard to actually feed your hair with goodness. It gives the perfect combo of not just leaving your hair looking amazing, but also feeling amazing.

You can think of the Support Solution as that one friend who isn’t part of a group, and bounces from person to person. It gets on with each and every one of your gorgeous heads of hair. It offers wonderful flexibility, because who’s actually satisfied with their hair after the first time styling it?

Try again, start over, why not! N4 Support Solution will always allow you to restyle without causing any stiffness.

How do I use the Support Solution?

Simply distribute the product evenly through your damp hair and either blow dry or air dry, as desired. Your locks will hold an incredible shine after using it!

Hair inspo

Of course we all want some hair-spiration! Remember the heatless curls trick? As a quick refresher, simply use your bathrobe and wrap your damp hair around it. Use the Number 4 Support Solution first and when you wake up in the morning your heatless curls will look gorgeous. Because the product has a weightless hold, you won’t need to worry about your curls falling out! They’ll hang about all day for you.

For all you short-hair femmes et monsieurs (that’s right, it’s perfect for you fellas too), N4’s Support Solution offers wonderful body, texture, fullness and gives it that extra oomph! You know that little kick that takes our hair confidence on a bad day from a 2 to a thousand.

Combine with Blow Dry Lotion for a smooth finish and a cocktail of touchable volume and firm but soft control.

Visit this link to learn how our high performance hair care products can help your hair.



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