Compliment-worthy hairstyles you’ll be thankful for this holiday season

Compliment Worthy Holiday Hairstyles

Compliment-worthy hairstyles you’ll be thankful for this holiday season

Compliment-worthy hairstyles you’ll be thankful for this holiday season 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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The holiday season is about to get underway and we love nothing better than an excuse to get all glammed up. Maybe you’re going to be slaving away in the kitchen all day (top tip: a glass of wine makes this ten times easier), and your hair isn’t at the top of your priorities. But hear us out, one dazzling holiday hairstyle can help make the occasion.

You can look and feel fancy without having to leave your living room. We also think you should consider the practical reasons for giving yourself an amazing updo, you know, with all the cooking and that.

Get ready to be thankful for ALL of the wonderful compliments dah-ling. We’ve rounded up some of the best holiday hairstyles to get you ready and prepared for the special day.
This year we’ve stocked up on extra quantities of our seasonal sets at Number 4 HQ so that we can offer you a range of dazzling discounts and hair care treats that are quite simply, hard to beat.

Holiday Hairstyles You Will Love

Bubble Pony

You can’t go wrong with a high pony. It’s a classic. But let’s add a little 2021 magic to it (and a few more hair ties) and create a look that’s more cooking friendly, and trendy!

Pull your hair into a high pony and use the N4 Firm Hold Gel to slick everything back. The key to the best high pony is to hide all your flyaways. N4’s Firm Hold Gel will add a sparkling shine and will keep your hair in place all day long! So no matter how many times you open the oven, the heat won’t defeat your look.

For more tips on perfecting your high pony, you can check out our blog on how to master it.

Get your hair ties and pull them through the pony, spacing them out every few inches. Pull on the hair between each elastic so that it has a rounded effect. You can even add a cute bow to each band for a festive touch.

Retro Voluminous Bangs

Dahlings, if you haven’t seen Tiktik’s trending 70s voluminous bangs then you’ve been living under a rock. This style is chic, gorgeous, mature with a mix of sweet and dahling!

Curtain bangs are one of 2021’s most staple hairstyles for fall/winter. To complete this style it’s best to start by washing your hair and applying N4’s Smoothing Balm. This powerful hair care product works with just little amounts; it’s small but mighty!

The Smoothing Balm will help to tackle frizzy, wavy and unruly locks whilst protecting and shielding your locks from heat. When it comes to drying your hair, blow-dry it and use a round brush to get the retro volume you’re after. Grab some old-fashion velcro rollers (we’re jealous if your mum has passed down hers!), and focus them on the front for extra oomph.

Finish off with N4’s Non Aerosol Hair Spray for a light but firm finish so your hair doesn’t drop out.

If you’re looking for more of a blow out, check out how you can easily achieve one here.

2000s Spiky Bun

Lizzie McGuire called and she wants you to try out her signature look! The 2000s spiky bun. It will add a little flair to whatever you choose to wear.

Separate your hair into a middle parting and pull is back into a low pony whilst slicking it down with N4s Firm Hold Gel. It is key to make sure not a single hair or frizz protrude. Twist your hair whilst looping it around into a bun, but don’t go all the way around as we want the ends to create the spiky part.

Secure it with an elastic band and finish off with N4’s Non Aerosol Hair Spray to make sure everything stays in place.

Glam Up With In-Fashion Accessories

The best part about this time of year? Apart from the mistletoe and holiday cheer, winter’s trends can be super cute. Including the hair accessories! 2021 calls for head scarves. They’ve got a chic elegance about them and can jazz up your whole look!

There are numerous ways to wear them and you can look at a variety of ways here. But a classic and easy style is to wrap it over the top of your hair and tie it underneath, whilst having the end of the scarf trailing down your back.

Mini hair claws are also a fashion staple for your perfect holiday hairstyles, and they allow you to clip back the front of your locks. You can create voluminous, and effortless styles with these handy clips, whilst achieving a flawlessly chic look!

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a scrunchie. Now, they’re not your average hair tie and you can coordinate them with the colour of your makeup and outfit! Achieve a cute but messy pony with one or go for a half up half down look. Whatever suits you!

If you’re looking for more holiday hairstyle and general hair care tips, check out how to reinvent your hair care routine for fall.

Don’t forget to keep a look out for lots of seasonal tips, not to mention discounts, heading your way.

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