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Bonjour Dah-ling!


The holidays are a season of their own, and when it comes to outfits and hair, it’s a season only rivaled by Hollywood award shows. It’s party season, and that means you need an award-winning look for the festivities. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, we will spend our weekends and evenings out and about. But too often, before it’s time to arrive to the party, we stress out about preparing our fashion statements and, more importantly, our hairstyles. Whether it is your friend’s ugly Christmas sweater party or your annual family gift exchange, it’s no doubt that we all want to look our absolute best.

In a time where you are busy buying gifts for others, holiday parties are the best excuse to shop for yourself! That’s because we dress up a little more than usual, and we let our hair down. Along with our festive attire and a matching pair of heels, the perfect hairstyle is a must when attending any party this time of year.

Try out these styles for your next holiday soirée:


Side-Swept Curls

Holiday Hair Blog 1If curls are your favorite look for a night out, go for something a bit more elegant and try voluminous, side-swept curls. This style is a step up from your regular curled look but requires barely any extra time for styling (major bonus points during this busy season!).

Pinning one side of your hair gives your look glamour and poise without any added effort. This style allows you to flaunt big, bouncy curls without hiding your gorgeous face. After curling and pinning, use our Mighty Hair Spray to hold your curls in place and to keep down any extra flyaways.  


Textured Waves

rowan chestnut 175871 unsplash 1Next time you’re running late to a party (gift wrapping is always to blame) and don’t have a lot of time to style, don’t worry; achieving a gorgeous look in little time is possible! Give your hair an “undone-yet-done” look with textured waves. They look stunning at every hair length and create a style that is appropriate for all occasions.

Getting party-ready hair is as simple as spritzing our Sugar Texturizing Spray into dry hair. Feel free to shake up your mane a bit for added waves and texture. In five minutes, you can transform dull strands into effortless waves.  





Dutch Braid Updo

drew coffman 182525 unsplashIt’s one thing to be the party-goer, but if the upcoming holiday festivities are going to be at your house, there’s a lot more to be worrying about than just what hairstyle to showcase. But as the host, you must look as fabulous as the party you throw.

When you need a style that will hold all day, our advice is to go for an updo. To amplify your look, add a braid into the mix. A dutch braid updo will show off your trendy taste while still keeping a sophisticated style. If you’re going for something more casual, pull some pieces out from the front to create a messy (but still super chic) look.


Half-Up Braid

holiday hair blog picWhen you can’t decide whether to wear your hair down or up, get the best of both worlds with a half-up style. While we love a simple half-up, half-down look, and holiday parties are the perfect occasion to take it up a notch.

Incorporate your favorite braid into the top layer of your hair, then let the rest flow naturally. For some extra volume, make your braid loose by pulling out a few pieces. Finish off your style with our Fluoro5 Elixer Restore and Repair Oil to give your tresses shine to last the whole night through.





With these styles as inspiration, your hair will be the least of your worries when getting ready for events this holiday season.

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Au revoir!

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