How to Get Hot Hair For Halloween

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How to Get Hot Hair For Halloween

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Bonjour Dah-ling!


Of all the holidays in the year, we love Halloween a little extra. Other than the endless amounts of candy that are leftover after All Hallow’s Eve, it’s the one time of year where we can let our hair down and be whoever we want to be.

If you’re like most, you probably decided on your costume months ago. But have you planned your hairstyle yet? Your hair could make or break your Halloween look, so we’ve come up with a few styles that will help you work your magic…. because a costume just isn’t complete without the perfect hairstyle to match.

Check out these 4 boo-tiful styles to try this Halloween:

Lioness Locks

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A true lioness wears her voluminous hair with pride and lives by the motto: the bigger, the better. This Halloween, don’t be afraid to be bold!

If you have naturally curly hair, this look is perfect for you, as it won’t require too much styling time. Keep your bouncy locks in check with our Non-Aerosol Hair Spray. This spray provides humidity resistance and natural movement to keep you looking fierce all night long.


Glitter Queen

hazzel silva 750186 unsplashYes, it’s true – a sprinkle of glitter really does make everything better. Once festival season ends, there are fewer excuses to throw some glitter into your hair – but Halloween is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Glitter can go with just about any costume, as it adds the perfect, festive, finishing touch to your look. Start by spraying your hair with our Mighty Hair Spray, then sprinkle in all the glitz and glam. Keep up with the glitter hair trend by only applying sparkles at the roots and letting some pieces fade into your locks.



Mermaid Mane

averie woodard 142413 unsplashWhile nearly every girl wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up, this look might be as close as most of us are going get. And we are totally okay with that, because how could you get to a hair appointment with no legs?!

Sun-kissed, beachy waves are every mermaid’s go-to style. The best way to achieve these loose waves is with our Sugar Texturizing Spray. Add a couple of spritzes into your hair (wet or dry) for texture that’ll leave you looking like you came straight from the beach.

Channeling your inner mermaid also gives you an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to color. Be bold and go for a temporary dye or hair paste to boost your mermaid vibes.



Slicked-Back Skeleton

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The slicked-back, wet-hair style gives your locks a chic look straight from the runway. We love this style because it’s intense and a bit sinister; just like Halloween.

This edgy hairstyle can be easily achieved with a little help from our Firm Hold Gel. It’s the perfect styler for your sleek look, as it gives body, control, and shine while still keeping things flexible and touchable. Add a dollop of gel at the roots, and work your way down to the middle of your hair length. Smooth it out with a comb and style the dry ends to your preference.


Let your hair do the talking this Halloween dah-ling! These thrilling styles will keep you goul-ishly gorgeous.

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