The Hottest Hair Style Trends for Autumn 2022

Hottest Style Trends for Autumn 2022

The Hottest Hair Style Trends for Autumn 2022

The Hottest Hair Style Trends for Autumn 2022 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


Bonjour Chunky Knits and Cozy Nights in!

No matter how much we love the summer and lounging in the sunshine, there’s something about fall that we simply can’t resist. Perhaps it’s the warm reds and oranges of the trees as the local park gets flooded in new, beautiful colors. Or perhaps it’s pulling out our favorite oversized knitwear for cozy nights in. Fall is simply magical.

The spirit of change is in the “h”air. And we don’t know about you, but the changing seasons always make us crave a new look.

This year, expect warm tones, relaxed ‘dos, and some retro styles that perfectly match the calmness and comfort we always find in fall. You’re sure to find your nouveaux cheveux here.

Hottest Style Trends for Autumn 2022

Top 5 Hair Style Trends for Autumn 2022

1. Warm and red

While summer is a time for light, bright colors, autumn 2022 will see a return to warmer and darker tones. This year, shades of brown dominated at A/W 22 fashion week. Designers including Chloe, Chanel, and ACNE Studios featured a gorgeous selection of brunettes, caramels, and reds that perfectly match the colors in the air. Think multi-dimensional hues that can be used to add movement and depth. Richer tones somehow seem to convey a sense of nourishment and optimism.

But it’s not all bad news for you blond bombshells. You can easily tone down a bright blonde look for the new season with some warm golden honeycomb tones.

Top tips: Keep dyed hair looking healthier for longer by treating it to a weekly deep conditioning mask like N4 Reconstructing Hair Masque. Packed with moisture, proteins, Vitamin B5, and natural conditioners, this masque will keep your gorgeous warm tones looking picture perfect, no matter what you put it through. For even more shine and some delicious fall-friendly scents, add a few drops of N4 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil to your locks.

2. That 70s look

It might be 2022, but the 1970s are still a la mode as far as fall hair trends are concerned!

Chunky bangs, big blow dries, loads of volume, and bouncy curls will be a girl’s best friend this fall and the effortless half-up, half-down vibe will be strong this season – and we’re here for it!

For a modern twist on classic 70s styling, use your curling irons to create lots of movement.

Top tips: For this look, you will need a quality pair of hair straighteners and a nice big paddle brush. But all this styling can take its toll, so be sure to protect your hair from the heat with the N4 Thermal Styling Spray. For an even bigger and better blow dry, check out our cheat sheet on how to beat a salon blow dry at home.

3. Messy buns everywhere!

Since the pandemic, we’ve all gotten pretty used to the comfort of a messy bun for long days at the home office. But this autumn, we’ll see messy buns (or undone buns) everywhere. And honestly, after the recent sleek buns trend, we can’t wait for a more relaxed look to give our scalps a rest!

But the undone bun isn’t just comfy casual; secure it low on the nape of the neck for an effortlessly fashionable look that disguises bad hair days and looks as gorgeous as it feels. These loose buns are also perfect for showcasing a high neckline or backless dress.

And even short cuts can enjoy this simple style. Pull a few tendrils free around your face for a sophisticated yet soft look.

Top tips: Although you might start reaching for the salt spray to achieve the natural-looking texture that takes a messy bun from “peu d’effort” to “magnifique,N4 Sugar Texturizing Spray offers all the same benefits without drying out your hair. The perfect way to add texture, shine, and hold to any updo, your hair will thank you for making the switch!

4. Embrace your natural textures

This autumn is all about embracing your natural texture. Frankly, we’re thrilled that fall 2022 will still be about embracing natural textures and waves. The low-effort yet timelessly stylish look just fits with the cozy season. And when the mornings get darker, we definitely won’t be complaining when our morning-style routine gets to take a few shortcuts!

Top tips: Keep your natural curls/textures looking their best, even in the colder weather, by treating them to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Not only do these products help repair split ends, dryness, frizz, and bad styling habits, but they’re also color-protecting and anti-aging – perfect for that healthy, happy, natural hair that this fall will be all about!

5. Fresh out the shower

This super-glossy style might be the perfect look for you if you’re not one for embracing your natural curls! Is it inspired by autumn showers? We don’t know. But what we do know is that “shine will be taken to new lengths” this season, with models at the Fendi show sporting purposefully wet hair that kept every last strand in place.

But even if you’re not feeling the ‘fresh out the shower’ or ‘caught in a downpour’ look, you can still tap into the liquid hair trend more subtly by embracing sleek, shiny locks.

Try blow drying your hair as sleek as possible, then using a shine spray for that high gloss finish that will be the height of fashion this fall.

Top tips: High shine is all about high hydration and healthy hair. Check out N4 Essential Rules for the healthiest hair to help achieve that gorgeous, glossy glow this fall.

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