Hottest Hair Trends of 2022

Hottest Hair Trends of 2022

Hottest Hair Trends of 2022

Hottest Hair Trends of 2022 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Hottest Hair Trends of 2022BONJOUR DAH-LING!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

It’s 2022 and we’re here to provide you with the latest and greatest trends, pro tips and hair care info. You didn’t think we’d leave you behind in 2021, did you? Whether you’re looking to up your hair game, or continue to look the chicest femme out there, you’ve come to the right place dah-ling. You can trust Number 4 to keep you and your hair en pointe!

Where to start first?

Well a new year calls for an update on the hottest hair trends, and we’ve predicted some of the cutest and sleekest styles that will transform you into ‘that girl’ (you know, the aesthetic kind all over TikTok and Instagram who looks like she’s got her whole life together).

Take a look below at what you can expect for the start of this dazzling year as we whip you through the predicted hottest hair trends of 2022 courtesy of the N4 Style Bureau.

Baby Braids

Don’t these sound adorable! They’re back better than ever from the early 2000s. We’re seeing more and more iconic styles from the nineties but we have to say these are definitely a favorite of ours.

They’re 2-3 dinky braids that can be seen in multiple ways such as by themselves or throughout the hair. We’re particularly a fan of the single micro plaits flanking either side of a middle parting.

How to: There’s nothing like a simple braid, and when it’s micro it’s all the better. Start by distributing N4s Smoothing Balm onto damp hair. This is going to tackle frizzy, wavy and unruly locks which is perfect for achieving sleek results.

Simply choose a small piece of hair – we like going for the front piece, and start a braid. Baby braids typically finish 3/4s down the strand however you can braid it to the end if you wish. It’s as easy as that! Add as many as you’d like and finish with a light spritz of N4s Non Aerosol Hair Spray to keep your locks nice and neat all day.


It’s our favorite kids hairstyle but all grown up! We almost dismissed the pigtail trend but after seeing it all over our Instagram, we couldn’t resist adding it to our hottest hair trends of 2022.

We predict this year will be full of sleek styles, and there’s certainly ways to make your pigtails sleek with a little Firm Hold Gel and a couple of hair ties. But today, we want to add a little texture and a whole lot of Baby Spice vibes to this look.

How to: As we’re moving away from braids for this style don’t be afraid to play it up with extra volume. We recommend using N4s Styling Foam and running it through your damp hair. Not only will this add definition and volume, it’ll protect your locks from unwanted humidity poof-iness. It’ll add lift to your roots as well as volume throughout the strands.

Once dried, section your hair into a middle parting and gather each side up into a pig tail at the side of your head. Once properly secured with hair ties, spray your locks with N4s Sugar Texturizing Spray to get soft, loose and glossy waves that will add irresistible volume.

Voila! You’ll be passing serious cute yet hot checks (minus the kiddie age) with these bad boys on either side of you.

Braided Pony

Have you noticed a recurring theme? It’s all about braids dah-ling. But why cry? Braids are one of the easiest yet effective styles. And we’re continuing to embrace the sleek look by slicking our hair back into a pony. We love a pony and how else to make it better than to add a brilliant braid?

How to: Firstly pull your hair tightly back into the highest possible pony you can make. If you need help with this step, take a look at our Top Tips to Master the Perfect High Sleek Pony.

Use N4s Firm Hold Gel to keep it all in place, this will be your savior, your knight in shining armor and your best friend for any style like this! Once secured with hair ties, begin to braid the pony until you reach your ends. Finish with N4s Non Aerosol Hair Spray so your locks in place all day.

Slick Bun

If we’re glad for one thing to have come out of lockdown, it’s a better hair care routine. Before we might have spent hours perfecting curls with our styling tongs and adding all sorts of nasty products to keep them in place. But as well as heatless curls emerging, the slick bun has slowly but surely come into fashion.

We’re now after a more simple and slicked back look as we head out for drinks with the girls, and this is the perfect style to go for. Not heat, no aching arms, no mess and no time wasting!

How to: Start with damp hair and add in your favorite styling product, we recommend N4s Support Solution. It’s one of our favorite go to products as it gives us stylistic moral support that stays with us ALL day – which is just what we want for a sleek bun.

Distribute it evenly through your damp looks and dry with a paddle brush, brushing down your hair to avoid flyaways and frizziness. Take your time to create a clean middle parting as this is going to look very effective, and apply N4s Fluoro5 Elixer Restore and Repair Oil for a super glassy look.

Now it’s time to choose the placement of the bun! We prefer a lower bun, just under halfway on your head. Scrape it back neatly with your comb/brush into a ponytail, and have fun twisting it into a bun! This will be different for hair types and hair lengths.

You can keep flyaways at bay with N4s Firm Hold Gel.

Curtain Bangs and Long Layers

That’s right, we’re back talking about curtain bangs and long layers. If there’s one hairstyle that’s grown and grown over the last couple of years, it’s bangs and layers. Lockdown saw us chopping our own fringes, but what are we meant to do with them now? Well as they’ve started to grow out, long bangs have become massively trending on social media. To master this style start with a salon worthy blow out.

We recommend paying special attention to your bands by using a boar bristle brush.  Work on your long bangs by rolling your hair around the brush as if you’re using it to curl your hair. As you take the brush out of the strands, pop a hair roller in place, hairspray with N4s Mighty Hair Spray. Leave them in as you fix the rest of your hair to secure long-lasting volume.

Claw Clips

As each season passes a new hair accessory comes into fashion. Right now claw clips are all the rage! Use them for a slick but looser bun, for half up half down styles and effortlessly gorgeous looks.

If you’re looking to continue to upgrade your hair for 2022, we think you should start with Ditching Dry Hair This Winter.

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