How To Achieve Liquid Hair Like The A-Listers

Liquid hair like A-Listers

How To Achieve Liquid Hair Like The A-Listers

How To Achieve Liquid Hair Like The A-Listers 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


It’s the trend that’s going nowhere! We’re spotting liquid hair everywhere. From Kim K to Zendaya, fluid, ultra-shiny and seriously smooth strands are mesmerizing us. Move over textured curls and beachy waves; there’s a new it-girl hairstyle in town.

Of course, liquid hair is the A-listers favorite lewk, but let’s face it, who doesn’t want hair so sleek a satellite could pick up your shimmer from outer space?

We’re so here at Number 4 hair to serve up stylistic tips on achieving the ultimate uber-glam glossy locks that are bound to be a holiday season fixture.

If you need a refresher, look at our earlier blog, Hair Glossing – Everything You Need To Know. For those of you who are ready to style things up and seal the deal with this season’s liquid hair trend, read on as we delve deeper.

Liquid hair like A-Listers

How Can You Achieve Liquid Hair?

Refreshed Trend

Glass hair was nothing short of stratospheric back in 2018 and it seems like liquid hair is the 2022 equivalent. Consider it the “sister” trend if you like. Just as gorgeous, equally as scroll-stopping, but just a little more…refined.

So what is the difference between glass and liquid hair?

Well, it’s subtle. We’ll give you that. It’s silky straight but what we’d say is just a little bit softer. And yes, it’s all about the sheen.

Liquid hair just feels more fluid. It’s got more bend and flex, while glass hair has a more indestructible quality. It’s not “wet,” either. It manages to simultaneously be super sleek and soft all at the same time.

Keeping the glossy hair of dreams serenely in place does take some effort.

The key is to use a smoothing treatment to help eliminate frizz and lock in color and moisture for a longer-lasting sheen. We recommend applying N4’s Smoothing Balm before you blow dry. It will help protect strands from straying and keep stragglers in place. Featuring our Liquid Complex, it quickly penetrates the hair’s core to work faster and more efficiently, reducing hair drying time.

A heat protectant is a must-have. Achieving liquid hair requires you to turn up the dial as, yes, you’re going to get tactical and technical with how you blow-dry and use your flat iron. You don’t want the ends of your hair to become dry and brittle over time. That’s why the combination of products in N4’s Smoothing Treatment is ideal for creating a liquid hair look.

It also comes with the multi-tasking Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil, perfect for that glossy, not glassy final fluid finish.

Don’t forget, when you shop N4’s professional hair care range, you are investing not just in your hair but also in the planet. All our range is squalene, Paraben, gluten, and cruelty-free is you can achieve guilt-free liquid hair.

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