How To Avoid A Horror Hair Cut This Halloween

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How To Avoid A Horror Hair Cut This Halloween

How To Avoid A Horror Hair Cut This Halloween 647 273 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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Is there anything more hellish than a bad haircut? It’s like the stuff of Halloween bad dreams? You sit back in silence, jaw dropping as you witness a massacre! A hair massacre!

The stylist has just chopped off five times the amount of hair you discussed in your consultation. You only booked in to get your ends trimmed and a bouncy blow-dry for the big Halloween party this year and now you’re $100 poorer and about 3-inches shorter!

You were never even asked if you wanted a trick or treat! The hair stylist went all Edward Scissorhands on you, diving in with their sharp silver blades blazing and now you look and feel a complete fright! Ah well, at least you won’t need to buy a new wig to go with that scary costume!

Seriously though, just how do you deal with a horror hair cut?

Don’t be afraid to “hair” your opinion!

Honesty is always the best policy. While your stylist has a wealth of expertise and knowledge, only you know what you really want and more importantly what works best with your lifestyle, so don’t shy away from being upfront about what you really want.

Much as you would a visit to the doctor, explain your history, your routine and your regular grooming habits. It’s so important that you end up with a style that truly works for you. Don’t go for a high-maintenance do if you’re strictly a wash and go kind of gal!

Get hand more “hands-on”

Telling your stylist what you’d like is one thing, showing them though is far more effective. Take in pictures with you and visual references. Stylists are, by nature, very visual and creative creatures, so show them images of what you’re looking to re-create and this will really help.

Also, if you are thinking of transitioning to something more radical, don’t be afraid to take it slow. Work up to the big chop in stages. You don’t want it to be a case of “hair today, gone tomorrow!”

Keep one eye on the mirror

Some people find sitting in the stylists chair relaxing, while as for others it’s like a visit to the dentist. Trust us, it’s best to keep a “watchful” eye on proceedings, no matter how relaxed you might be feeling after that full head and scalp massage. Check out what’s happening in the mirror and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If something doesn’t seem right, speak up and question what’s happening next. Again, it’s better to cut your losses before they go ahead and cut your hair. There’s no turning back once those lengths have been severed by the Sweeney Todd of the modern hairdressing world! 

Focus on keeping your crowning glory looking in tip top condition in between appointments

The very best thing you can do to maintain great hair is hands down to use great products! We don’t need to remind you of the drill, but just in case you’ve forgotten, we’re going to refresh your memory anyway. After all, we don’t want this to turn into a Friday the 13th hair-raising disaster.

Invest in a quality, shampoo and conditioner, specially formulated for your unique hair type or concern and always, we repeat, always, use a heat protectant cream before you use those hot tools. If you’re not sure which products are right for you, head over to our website right now and check out this months FEATURED PRODUCTS. By using Number 4 High Performance Hair Care like the Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil or the Number 4’s Mighty Hair Spray, you are guaranteed to ensure your hair is nothing short of heavenly.  For tips on how to use those products correctly, check out our post on “How to get super straight, sleek, shiny hair in 4 steps“. 

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