How To Avoid Hat Hair

how to avoid hat hair

How To Avoid Hat Hair

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how to avoid hat hair

Whether you prefer a beret or a beanie, a bobble or a baseball, chances are that when winter hits, you grab for a hat to cover your mane attraction! As we all know, heat rises and the best way of keeping toasty and cozy is to cover your head when the mercury drops.

There’s one big drawback though and that can be pretty devastating! Yes, we’re talking flat and frizzy hat hair. Shock horror! Before you go ahead and banish the beanie, we have a couple of top tips to share to keep your hair in prime condition. To ensure that your hair is beautifully conditioned and full of natural volume, you really can’t go wrong with our Volumizing Shampoo and matching Volumizing Condition.

Don’t ditch your favorite bobble hat just yet. With a few strategic spritzes of Sugar Texturizing Spray texturizing spray, you can quickly fix a world of woes!

Here’s how you can make every day a good hat hair day!

Ensure your hair is totally dry before you grab for the beanie.

We know the scenario all too well! You’re dashing out the door, you’ve put on your chicest new ensemble but the weather outside is quite frankly, frightful! So you grab for your cutest beanie. Do not be tempted to throw it on over hair that’s “not-quite-dry.” You know what will happen during the commute to work, don’t you? Yes, your hair will “set” under your hat and you’ll be left with the visible shape of your beanie for the rest of the day. Not a good look!

Choose the fit, shape, and style of your headwear carefully.

how to avoid hat hair

We get it. It can be cold outside and heat escapes from our extremities. Heads, fingers and toes! Jack Frost likes to nip them all. Coarse materials will cause friction and frizz, so your best bet is to go for hats made with cashmere, silk, angora or fine merino knit. Also, the tighter the hat, the worse your case of hat hair will be. So, go for something more loose fitting to keep your hairstyle intact.

Top tips on reducing unwanted static.

To avoid that dreaded static that can make your hair stand on end, the trick is to ensure that your hair is super moisturized before you don that wooly winter hat. Cutting back on heat styling tools during the harsher winter months can really pay dividends. Also, regularly using a nourishing hair oil is an absolute must. Our Fluoro5 Elixer Restore and Repair Oil is a miracle worker! Just a few pumps to dry hair before styling, or run through the ends of dry hair once styled to deliver exceptional shine and silky, soft, frizz-free strands.

Prep and Preen your hair before you pop on that beret

Again, Loose braids or a low pony work wonders with a hat and are super low maintenance. Or prep your hair with a quick spritz of our Sugar Texturizing Spray for that perfectly undone look. Who says you can only enjoy textured beachy waves in the wintertime? For the perfect antidote to hat hair, loose textured waves will transport you back to the Tropics.

Make hairspray your handbag essential and BFF.

Even if you do have a detectable case of “beanie bob”, its nothing that a quick flip of the head and spray of our Mighty Hair Spray can’t transform. We’ve thought of your needs so much my dah-lings that we’ve even created it in a cute and oh-so portable handbag size. Our travel sized Mini Mighty Hair Spray is the perfect antidote to bad weather hair days and will ensure your hair is soft and chic all winter long.

Bring on the beret we say! Now that you’re totally au fait with how to avoid hat hair, you can cozy up in your cashmere looking stylishly chic till those first spring daffodils burst into bloom. Hats off to that!

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