How to Avoid the Biggest Bridal Hair Mistakes

Bridal Hairstyle for wedding day

How to Avoid the Biggest Bridal Hair Mistakes

How to Avoid the Biggest Bridal Hair Mistakes 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care



Twelve months ago, when you planned on getting married this Spring, it never entered your mind that you’d end up with the ultimate responsibility; creating your own bridal hairstyle. Let alone that you might be saying “I do” in front of a room of “virtual” guests. Small and intimate is so on trend this season cherie.

You’ve probably been coloring, masking, glazing and experimenting with different lengths and styles for months ahead of your big day. Chances are that your poor hair is in need of some major rehab right now, and could do with some lockdown love of its own. If so, we’ve got the perfect home kit for you. N4’s Big Day Kit has been designed to keep bridal hair looking as elegant and stunning as possible. It contains everything a blushing bride-to-be could possibly need and it’s all presented in a beautiful drawstring bag that you can cherish forever.

Bring the Stylist to YOU!

While you might normally just have your stylist on speed dial, consulting with them over a digital app like zoom makes much more sense. You can get hands-on, practical step by step advice ahead of your big day. An “SOS” trip to the salon doesn’t count as emergency travel! But please don’t despair; your special day needn’t be remembered forever as the day you had bad hair!

It’s Time to Get With the Digital Program.

Schedule in some virtual sessions with your regular stylist to practice and perfect your wedding day hair. You might not be able to go to the salon in person, but the next best thing is to digitally invite them into your home! Together, you can recreate the bridal hairstyle of your dreams. Be sure to also have easy access to a few essential products for on the go touchups on the day. Featuring all your favorite N4 mini-sized styling products, the Big Day Kit is a life saver.

Bridal Hair Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t let desperation and panic set in ahead of your special day to such an extent that you contemplate doing ANY of the following! Lockdown or not, these are big no-no’s when it comes to bridal hair.

1.    Do Not Get a Last-Minute Dye Job

Please step away from the home dye kit! Tempting as it may be to switch up or just “fine-tune” your color, DON’T! If you do feel that your hair requires more vibrancy, recreate that effect instead with N4’s Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil which will nourish the hair and enhance it with mega-watt shine. The only thing illuminating the room more than your radiant smile will be your beautiful hair.

2.    Don’t be Guided by Opinions

Stick to your guns. You’ve been working with your stylist for months now to create the perfect bridal style for you. Don’t suddenly let the opinions of friends and family sway you into changing your style at the last minute. The one person’s happiness that needs to be prioritized today is yours.

3.    Don’t Wash your Hair on the Big Day Itself

We recommend that you wash your hair the day before the nuptials, using a deeply hydrating and moisturizing shampoo like N4’s anti-aging, sulfate and sodium chloride free Volumizing Shampoo. This will add shine, volume, lightweight life and gorgeous vibrancy to your hair.

4.    Don’t Get a Last-Minute Chop!

Put those scissors down right now! One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to “freshen up your ends”. It will completely change the way your hair hangs and spoil the overall style. Woe betides if you’re suffering from a case of pre-wedding jitters and the scissors slip! Enough said.

No matter how you are spending your wedding day, we sincerely hope that it’s filled with love, long-lasting memories and fabulous hair. Don’t forget to check out our wonderful collection of Bridal Gift Sets. The perfect treats to spoil all the bridal party, even if they are your virtual wedding party.

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