How to be a Smooth Operator; it’s easy when you know how!

How to be a Smooth Operator; it’s easy when you know how!

How to be a Smooth Operator; it’s easy when you know how!

How to be a Smooth Operator; it’s easy when you know how! 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

How to be a smooth operator


Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference. And when it comes to experiencing soft and silky hair, we’re here to show you how with our 5 ways to become a smooth operator!

You want to tackle frizz and put an end to unruly hair? We’re here to help. This isn’t wizardry but it certainly is hair artistry!

These are the tried and tested tips our Number 4 High Performance Hair Care maestros recommend you immediately put into practice to become a smooth operator!

Smoothly does it in 5 sassy stages!

Pick a range and stick with it.
For the very best smooth enhancing results, always choose a shampoo and conditioner from the same range. That way you can be sure that the combination of ingredients will deliver optimal results. If you want your hair to look and feel its best, go for your favorite N4 shampoo in tandem with its conditioning partner. Things are better when they come in pairs! Check out the range HERE.

Don’t rinse it out.
You can help to replenish hair’s lipids and dial up the smooth by using a leave-in product. Make sure you go for a weightless formula that won’t weigh the hair down. N4’s Smoothing Balm contains the teaniest nano smoothing molecules thanks to advanced Fluoro Technology which penetrate the hair’s core for impressive stylistic results. Currently when you purchase a Super Comb 6.7 oz from the Number 4 Hair web shop, you’ll receive a FREE mini Smoothing Balm 1.5 oz.

Try Super Comb!
If you want to live the tangle free life, you need to learn how to blow dry like a pro. Blow drying is the key to silky smooth hair with a high shine finish. Especially when combined with N4’s Super Comb strengthening leave-in conditioning spray. We asked our N4 artists how they perfect that high shine finish, whether creating hair that’s curly or straight. They said, direct the nozzle downwards from root to tip. Pull the hair over and around your brush end to seal the cuticle for a radiant and silky smooth finish. Et Voila!

An Oil Treatment
For silky smooth hair, nothing delivers better nourishment than an oil treatment. One of our favorite techniques is to work N4’s Fluoro5 Elixer from roots to ends and wrap in a fluffy towel. Then settle back, listen to an inspiring podcast or catch up on the latest must-view series on Netflix. Let the caring properties seal your strands with sensational shine, guaranteed no greasy after effects. You can also use your Elixer on dry hair to impart illuminating shine.

Sleep Like a Princess
OK, so our final tip isn’t strictly a hair care one but switching up your pillowcase could be the hack you’ve been missing all this time. Nothing feels more luxurious than sleeping on a silk pillowcase. It’s befitting of the princess we know you are. But did you know that the smooth surface can also protect against breakage? BONUS! It minimizes friction and results in shinier hair the next morning. So you really will awaken looking if not feeling like a Princess.

We hope you found these top tips useful. Please be sure to check out more content on the BLOG and don’t miss out on this month’s special offers.

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