How To Cheat A Salon Blow Dry With Volume At Home


How To Cheat A Salon Blow Dry With Volume At Home

How To Cheat A Salon Blow Dry With Volume At Home 256 220 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

SalonBlowDry Despite what you might think and your hair stylist probably tells you, it is possible to achieve a salon grade, voluminous blow dry at home. OK, it might take you a bit longer but look at the positives. It’s also going to develop upper arm strength and save you a few pennies by ditching the dry bar, and doing it DIY. The trick is a carefully curated collection of N4 hero products that will help to deliver plenty of bounce, per ounce!

Cue our top eight tricks and signature savior products to deliver that “just been pampered at the salon” bouncy, blow-dry look without even leaving your boudoir.

1. Pre-Treat Your Hair With A Reconstructing Hair Masque
Before you go ahead and attempt a home blow-dry, we recommend you pre-treat your hair with a reconstructing masque. High exposure to heat will leave your strands parched. If you’re already suffering from damaged ends, you’ll struggle to get the shiny, healthy finish you aspire to own.

Use N4 Reconstructing Hair Masque, paying close attention to your ends, and your tresses will be less distressed. You’ll achieve a softer and smoother finish with reduced drying time. It’s packed with a rich blend of soy proteins, Vitamin B5 as well as natural conditioners.

2. Always Use A Heat Protector
This is non-negotiable, grab yourself N4 Thermal Styling Spray which provides an invisible air-weight barrier of super heat protection between you and hair styling hot tools. One thing you’ll notice in the salon is that they never scrimp on the styling protection spray. It really is a must-have and in the case of N4’s product, produces sensational, stylish results without any stiffness.

3. Tame And Control Frizz and Flyaway Hair With An Serum
We recommend that you use a treatment serum both before, and after your blow-dry, to ensure that frizzy and fine hair is more manageable. Work through the lengths while your hair is still wet then once it’s dry, apply a small amount in the palm of your hands and smooth through the ends and any particularly frizzy areas. There’s nothing quite beats N4 Fluoro 5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil and a great additional benefit of this lightweight, and illuminating serum is that it can be used as a cocktail and mixed together with all N4 Stylers and Conditioners for a prescriptive treatment.

4. Boost Volume With A Styling Foam
If you like your hair with a large side of sass, then you need to amp up the volume. A beautiful velvety-textured styling foam can help provide extra lift at the roots for hair altitude and attitude. Try N4 Styling Foam which is humidity resistant and delivers root boosting protection. As we like to say, “go big or stay at home!”

5. Let your Hair Air Dry For Awhile
Don’t be tempted to go in all big guns blazing, firing up the hairdryer the minute you’ve washed your hair. Allow it to air dry, which will help minimize the overall exposure to damaging heat exposure.

6. Give Your Hair A Helping Hand
Big night on the town planned with the girls? Looking to turn some heads? Then make sure you help Mother Nature along by washing first with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that’s not going to weight your hair down and will feel lightly nourished and softly textured so that it won’t create a chemically induced barrier to those styling products. Try Number 4 our Volumizing Shampoo and matching Volumizing Conditioner which are both sulfate and sodium chloride free.

7. Give Your Blow Dry Its Own Memory
Use Support Solution to give your hair an extra boost and create what we call “memory” once it’s been blow-dried into shape. This extra layer of support will stretch your blow-dry out for days, and, when you’ve gone to this much trouble; you deserve for it to last.

8. Avoid Using A Strong Hold Hairspray
Try and keep hairspray to a minimum if you want to maintain that perky, bouncy blow-dry feeling for longer. Our Non Aerosol Hair Spray contains just the right workable blend of weightless pliability with control you can manipulate. It’s all-day gorgeous style without any stiffness.

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