How To Create A New Year’s Eve Hairstyle That Will Last Past Midnight

Girls on lounge. Celebrating.

How To Create A New Year’s Eve Hairstyle That Will Last Past Midnight

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Girls on lounge Celebrating If you want your hairstyle to last after the first strike of midnight this New Year’s Eve, then you need to check out our latest how-to guide. For many, NYE is the biggest date in the diary, with hair to match! Whether you are hosting at home, heading out with friends, or slipping into your dancing shoes to hit the dance floor, your heels and your hair need volume!

If you’re short on inspiration for a show-stopping hairstyle, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re rounding up the must-have “do’s” to finish off 2019 in style.

5 How-to Styles That Will Last Past Midnight

1. The Elevated Hollywood Wave Updo

Always a winner, how about combining two favorite looks in one for a spectacular NYE’s style? We’re talking a half-updo combined with big and bouncy beachy Californian girl waves. This look is the stuff of legends and will have you sashaying and shimmying into the new decade feeling like an A list superstar.

Comb through the hair and protect before using your curling iron with Super Comb Prep & Protect
Curl all your hair in the same direction. holding your curling iron vertically
Mist each section as you go with Non Aerosol Hairspray
Allow the curls to cool off for 5 minutes then gently brush them through to create the wave pattern
Section off the waves around the face and side twist them upwards and backward into the center of your head
Now secure the updo section in place with bobby pins

We’re recommending our Non Aerosol Hairspray to fifth the frizz and prevent any build-up of static. The only thing that needs to be electric on NYE is your personality dah-ing. Not your hair!

2. High Twisted Pony

Make it a case of go big or stay indoors this year with a jumbo styled, thick twisted pony. Channel your inner A-list pop princess this chic and sassy look. The bigger, the badder. This is one hairstyle that won’t fall out before midnight and ensure you step into 2020, looking a million dollars. To help party prep your hair, use our detangling leave-in conditioner, Super Comb Prep & Protect first and enjoy stylish staying power.

Firstly figure out where your ponytail is going to be – we suggest you align with your cheekbones
Smooth it all back so there aren’t any kinks using N4’s Mini Mighty Hair Spray to hold strays in place
Tie it with two elastics to get that real swooshing effect
Now take a small section of hair from under the head, braid and wrap it around your high pony, hiding your hair elastic
Create some volume at the root by teasing hair with a comb and applying some extra N4’s Mini Mighty Hair Spray
Finally, lock the look in place with even more N4’s Mini Mighty Hair Spray for a bad girl pony that will last all night

3. The Modern Chignon

Such a classic and demure look. Perfect if you’re hosting a sophisticated stay at home dinner party and need to be the hostess with the mostess. A braided chignon will never go out of style. Go one further this year and be the talk of the top table by weaving in a scarf into your style to add a touch of extra glamour and intrigue. Leave a few sexy and subtle pieces out to frame your festive face and secure the elegant undo with bobby pins. A delicate spritz of Sugar Texturizing Spray and those tousled tresses framing your pretty face will see you through to 2020.

4. The Sleek Wet Look

This one screams glamour. It has to be one of the most loved styles of 2019, so it is a fitting, sensational send off to the year. It’s super easy to recreate. You just need a brush, N4’s Firm Hold Gel to slick in place and a sheer hold hairspray to complete the look. We recommend you go for N4’s Non Aerosol Hairspray mini and stash it close by in case you need a little touch up later in the night.

5. Big Bow Pony

How about a seasonal favorite, the Big Bow Pony? This one is wonderfully low-maintenance and super quick and easy to style, meaning more time to spend enjoying those celebratory cocktails. A giant bow definitely gets our vote and if you go for a velvet, satin, or sequin version in black, it will look chic, sophisticated, but also kinda cute. A messy low tied ponytail is perfect for swishing around on the dance floor and you won’t have to fight the frizz as it’s perfectly pinned back from your face. Just don’t forget your NYE handbag essential, N4’s Mini Mighty Hair Spray, for on the spot touch up’s.

There you have it. 5 easy to create hairstyles that are perfect to see out 2019 and to welcome in 2020 looking and feeling fabulous.

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