Tame Your Mane: How To Get A Grip On Out-Of-Control Hair

how to control your hair

Tame Your Mane: How To Get A Grip On Out-Of-Control Hair

Tame Your Mane: How To Get A Grip On Out-Of-Control Hair 1024 708 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour Dah-ling!

how to control your hair Do you suffer from coarse, out of control and quite frankly rebellious hair? Despite all your best measures, your hair adopts a devil-may-care attitude and just refuses to be smoothed into line. It’s like wrestling with a mountain lion every morning, just trying to tame your mane! It doesn’t so much as have a mind of its own, it has a whole alter ego.

So just how can you get a grip on out-of-control hair?

Whether the culprit is humidity, heat damage or frizzy hair is just your nemesis, we’re spilling the beans today on our Survival Guide to maintaining shiny, smooth, and manageable hair. We’ve heard your SOS call dah-ling, and we’ve come to the rescue!

Here are our top five tips on how to fight frizz.

1. Choose a Sulfate Free, Vegan-friendly, ultra-moisturizing shampoo to combat frizz and penetrate the hair, infusing it with hydration from the inside out. You need a shampoo that is going to lavish your hair with a protective coating, locking in moisture. Try Number 4 Hydrating Shampoo.

2. Always use a conditioner. You seriously can never underestimate the power of thirst quenching, cuticle enriching conditioner. Don’t be afraid to liberally apply it from the mid-lengths down to your roots but avoid your roots to prevent oiliness. Give Number 4 Hydrating Condition a go.

3. Let your hair air dry 90% of the way preferably before blow-drying it. This really is your secret weapon in the holy war against out-of-control hair. Keep your hair dryer on a low setting and hold it at least 6 inches away from your head. Also, be sure to consistently move that dryer around and don’t stay too long in one spot. If you do have a diffuser, use it. The results are definitely worthwhile. A diffuser will create less friction, and you got it, less frizz.

4. Here’s a great little much-loved celebrity insider secret on how to deal with those pesky tiny flyaway hairs. Grab a clean mascara wand or comb and spray it with Number 4 Non Aerosol Hair Spray. Now you can target those unruly areas of hair that just defy gravity! Bravo!

5. Finally, use a multi-tasking, super nourishing balm that will simultaneously tame, fight frizz, add gloss and maintain shine. The hard-working formula in Number 4 Jour d’automne Smoothing Balm leaves hair soft as satin with a silky, touchable texture, immediately eliminating all traces of Grizelda Frizz! The secret? Tiny little molecules that literally dive deep into each individual hair strand to deliver smoothness, in a snap second. It’s the time-crunched multi-tasker that’s faster and every bit as efficient as a hair mask. There’s little wonder it’s one of N4’s most popular products.

how to control your hair

A big no-no for your hair is alcohol.

Stop feeding it the hard stuff! By going for an organic range like Number 4 High Performance Hair Care you can help to achieve the frizz-free hair of your dreams and leave that Diva Grizelda Frizz where she belongs, back home in the closet, wailing like a banshee into her hairbrush!

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