How To Get The Look – Voluminous Glamour Curls

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How To Get The Look – Voluminous Glamour Curls

How To Get The Look – Voluminous Glamour Curls 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

BONJOUR-DAHLING! Young attractive brunette with voluminous, shiny and curly hairstyle.

Honey’s, today we’re taking you through our top styling tips and the Number 4 Hair Care products you need to create this must-have look. We are, of course, referring to voluminous curls.

Was there ever a more timeless and elegant style, fit for any occasion? Basically, if you’ve not yet mastered the art of voluminous curls, you’re seriously missing out. And we don’t want that! We’re on a global mission to make women look and feel beautiful by helping them to fix their crowns with N4’s high performance hair care products.

Some things just ooze glamour and will always stand the test of time. When it comes to makeup, every girl needs to perfect the art of applying a fully lined, red-lipped pout, alongside a sharp, black-winged eyeliner. Trust us, cheries. You’ll go a long way in life if you master these basics. Add in voluminous glamour curls, and hey presto, you’ve got gorgeous in the bag today and for the rest of your life.

How To Prep Hair For Voluminous Curls

If you’re searching for the best natural hair products that tackle your hairstyling goals, then look no further. With the ability to tame waves and reshape hair so that it’s touchable smooth and super polished, N4’s Smoothing Balm is your no heat flat iron solution. It tames frizz into submission while protecting your style from sabotaging humidity. You are simultaneously infusing the hair with the tiniest smoothing molecules to deliver hair that’s luminously sleek and protected from heat. As with all N4 high performance hair care, it’s cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free, and vegan approved.

It’s all about the prep if you want to style your ‘do in voluminous curls, and the starting point has to be silky frizz-free tresses. Regardless of what hair type you have, you need to be following the right hair care routine using the best salon hair products. That starts with nourishing, hydrating, and ensuring hair is beautifully conditioned, so regardless of whether you have naturally straight or wavy hair, always use a professional style shampoo and conditioner to prepare your mane attraction.

Once you’ve conditioned and rinsed your hair and while it’s still damp, apply N4’s Smoothing Balm and Sugar Texturizing Spray. Then do a quick, rough, and read blow-dry to add some extra oomph. This is a look that requires texture and lift to create just the right amount of head-turning volume.

How To Create Voluminous Curls

Now that your hair is prepped and preened, it’s time to turn up the volume and ramp up the glamour.

Get the Look Kit:

Get The Look

#1 Brush Your Hair

Start by brushing your hair so that it’s tangle-free. This look is best achieved if your mane is smooth and silky before you start.

#2 Prep Your Hair

Apply your heat protecting products to minimize any damage your heat styling tools might cause. We recommend a cocktail of N4’s Smoothing Balm and Sugar Texturizing Spray.

#3 Grab Your Favorite Heat Styling Tool

Smooth the top section of your hair and tie it back in a high, tight ponytail. Not it’s time to curl! For voluminous curls, you ideally need a wide barrel curling iron. Apply a small amount of N4’s Texture Styling Creme and a quick spritz of Mighty Hair Spray to one to two-inch sections of hair before spiral curling. We’re not just saying this, but genuinely this hands down has to be the best hair spray around! Using these two products will provide lots of definition and bounce. If you have a naturally full and bountiful head of hair, split it into two layers and tackle the top and bottom sections separately to achieve more consistent results. 

#4 Allow To Cool The Brush Through Your Curls

Once you’re happy that you’ve curled all your hair, allow it to cool for a few minutes, then brush out using large, sweeping motions, up and away from the head to retain that big, bold and beautiful bounce. This way, you’ll achieve a luscious and carefree, loose look that oozes glamour.

#5 Go Big Or Stay Home!

Ready to add even more volume and raise the beauty bar? Then spray N4’s Sugar Texturizing Spray through the hair for an air-blown, but not over-done look. You can add more spray to the roots for even more volume.

#Get Ready To Seal The Deal

For extra staying power that ensures curls last all day and night, spritz your luscious locks with Mighty Hair Spray and finish off with added shine and smoothness by applying Fluoro 5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil.

Et voila! Get the kit with everything you need to create voluminous curls and make your Hollywood dreams come true.

If you’re looking for more “How-To” style guides then check out the rest of our Blog. It’s packed with inspirational ideas to help get you out of your style rut, by trying something new and creative.

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