How to Have an At-Home Spa Day


How to Have an At-Home Spa Day

How to Have an At-Home Spa Day 498 584 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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Bonjour, dah-lings!

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a stressful workweek and all you want to do is indulge in a soothing spa day (and maybe a glass or two of wine). But wait— it’s hard to get a last minute appointment, or maybe you simply don’t have the time. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered with some at-home tips to help you reboot and rejuvenate so you can be ready take on the world.


Set the Tone

Serenity starts with your surroundings so make sure your space is prepared for prime pampering. Choose an area of your home with soft lighting, put on some calming music (did someone say Spotify?), light a lavender candle and pour yourself a glass of lemon water. Or uncork your favorite bottle of rose— whatever gets you in the mood, dah-ling.


Start From the Top

Work your way from head to toe. Give your hair a deep treatment with Reconstructing Masque to infuse moisture and proteins that repair and sooth your strands. A rich blend of soy proteins, Vitamin B5 and natural conditioners will improve damage, strengthen your hair and leave it silky smooth.


Soothe Your Skin

Skip the store and create your own face mask with ingredients straight from your pantry. Oatmeal, honey, banana and avocado all have major skin healing properties. Try mixing up a little smoothie for your face. (Have a little snack while you’re at it – no judgment; this is your time.) Spread the love with Lumiere d’Hiver Body Lotion to hydrate and nourish the skin on your legs, arms and hands. The fresh fragrance combined with the soft and smooth formula will wrap your skin in luxury.


Polish it Off

Pick your color, grab the file and warm up the water—that’s right—we’re talking mani/pedi. No spa day is complete without this staple treatment where you can show off your personality. Go bold in a red, keep it simple with a nude or dabble in hues of blue, purple or green. Whatever you choose, make it you. Start with a warm foot soak (extra points if you have bath salts) and don’t forget the top coat to keep your polish fresh!


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