How To Hydrate And Replenish Your Skin This Winter

Hydrate your winter skin with Number 4

How To Hydrate And Replenish Your Skin This Winter

How To Hydrate And Replenish Your Skin This Winter 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Hydrate your winter skin with number 4


Achieving super soft and smooth winter skin is easier that you think. It’s also something that Number 4 can help you with. You see, we do so much more than fabulous hair.

We care about every inch of you. From the tip of your gorgeous bouncy blow dried head, to that perfectly manicured toe, and yes, all the lovely lumps and bumps in between.

So whether it’s a treatment, a styler or a body lotion you’re searching for, our fine fragrances and premium quality ingredients permeate the entire range. That’s our quality assurance to you.

We developed our trio of hydrating Body Lotions, to lavish your skin with intensely hydrating, silky and non-greasy moisturization. Combined with the sophisticated and intoxicating aromas you’ve come to expect from our culturally refined elixirs, our body range, just like our high performance hair care products, is ideal for sensitive soles and souls!

But before we introduce you to Fleurs de Temps, L’eau de Mare and L’umiere d’hiver, here are our three top tips on how to keep your skin perfectly hydrated during those low humidity winter months when rough, dry patches, and parched, cracked skin can cause havoc with your body beautiful.

Regular Exfoliation Is A MUST

Did you know what we shed in the region of 10 billion dead skin cells a day?

That equates to 23kg over a lifetime.

Pretty yucky! And no, it’s not some new extreme way of losing weight! But it does serve as a stark reminder of just how important it is to regularly slough away the buildup of dead cells. Especially if you want to enjoy soft, smooth and radiant skin. So get busy with the loofah brush next time you take a shower.

Choose A Hydrating Shower Gel And Cleanser

Avoid anything that’s soap based as this can strip the skin of essential oils. Instead, opt for natural formulas that are creamy and richly hydrating in texture. Steer clear of using anything on your skin that contains alcohols and stick with paraben free formulations. Luckily Number 4 ticks all the boxes on that score.

Finally, Moisturize. Religiously. It’s Non-Negotiable.

Tempting as it might be to jump out of the shower, wrap yourself in a fluffy blanket and forgo the moisturization stage, especially if you are running short on time, your calloused cracked heels won’t forgive you!

It’s essential, post cleansing or bathing, that you take time to lock in moisture by applying a non greasy and deeply hydrating body lotion while your body is still slightly damp.

Luckily, Number 4 has three intoxicating Body Lotions that you can choose from, each one of them packed with the same premium, vegan friendly and gluten free ingredients you’ve come to expect from our highly concentrated hair care formulas. So for the ultimate indulgent, hydrating experience, invest in one of N4’s body lotions, which are great for all skin types.

Number 4’s Nutrient Rich Nourishing Body Lotions

Lightweight, emulsifier-free and designed to soothe even the driest and more irritated skin, our quick-absorbing formulas are rich and luxurious yet easy to blend. They won’t leave any thick goopy residue behind and with shea butter and aloe they deliver baby soft, touchable skin. Try adding a few drops of Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil to your favorite N4 body lotion for the ultimate indulgent massage lotion. Here’s your options:

Lumiere d’hiver

Contains the fresh fragrance of White Freesia, Golden Amber and Warm Musk. This is the ideal combination to promote a sense of calm and relaxation and is the ideal way to end a pampering at home spa experience.

Fleurs de Temps

With added jojoba and coconut oil, this nutrient rich formula provides the ultimate winter skin protection. With uplifting Linden Blossom, Trembled Gardenia and Sheer Bark Wood, it helps to enliven the senses.

L’Eau de Mare

This is the ultimate hydrating body lotion. With botanical extracts especially selected to prevent premature aging skin, this antioxidant formulation delivers unparalleled non-greasy hydration. With the heady and deeply dreamy scent of Ylang Orchid, Jasmine, Vetiver and Patchouli, this wonderful fragrance hugs the body with a lovely lingering yet never overpowering scent. Prepare to fall in love. With your skin!

There’s never been a better time to invest in hydrated skin. Right now, we’re offering 30% off all lotions with code LOTION30. So grab an 8.5 oz or try one of N4 perfectly proportioned 1.5 oz minis and say “bonjour” to your best winter skin ever.

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