How to Hydrate While You Self-Isolate

Hydrate while you self-isolate

How to Hydrate While You Self-Isolate

How to Hydrate While You Self-Isolate 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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Hydrate while you self-isolate

There’s little chance of embarking on that digital detox we promised ourselves this Spring. Screen time is precious time right now. As we’re practicing social distancing, staying connected virtually to friends and family has never been more important and so is looking your best on your next Zoom chat.  Our fabulous new Number 4 Pamper-in-Place kits, especially designed for quarantining, are packed with all your favorite color protecting, anti-aging, paraben-free, high performance hair products.

Are you ready to experience a Healthy Hair Detox? Specially designed to tackle locks on lockdown, our Clarifying Shampoo does for your hair, what disinfectant does for your home. Delivers a deep and thorough squeaky clean. It’s like pressing the reset button, restoring the natural order of things. Hopefully, when normal life resumes, it won’t just be your hair that’s had a good detox either. Has anyone noticed just how clear the sky is looking? Mother Nature seems to be detoxing too.

Just because you’re mostly indoors these days, doesn’t mean you should ditch your usual high standards. There is no excuse to leave lockdown with dull or dehydrated hair, especially when Number 4 has just brought out its Hydrate While You Self-Isolate exclusive quarankit. Get ready to step back out into society with your healthiest and shiniest hair yet, thanks to this stylish set. Featuring amongst other things, our best-selling high performing Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Condition, it’s the perfect partner to be stuck inside with. No backchat, just soft, moisturized and oh so shiny hair.

Perhaps you’ve discovered a love of Tik Tok and are about to “switch” to a new career as an influencer? In challenging times like these, creativity can flourish. If so, then you’ll appreciate our next set, Stay-At-Home Style. We’ve included everything you need to try out a new hairstyle or two. This kit is a real game-changer.  Get ready to transform your look at home with products that prep, smooth, style, set and shine.

Finally, why don’t you participate in a bit of Pamper-In-Place? Stop singing those quarantine beauty blues!  With this wonderful pampering kit, you can easily recreate the salon experience at home while safely social distancing. It’s the ideal gift for a loved one. Including a full-size bottle of Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil, it’s guaranteed to deliver a healthy dose of lockdown love.

From everyone here at Number 4 hair care, we hope you’re all staying safe and continuing to hydrate and enjoy fabulous health and hair

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