How To Hydrate Your Hair For Autumn

Autumn Hair Cover Photo

How To Hydrate Your Hair For Autumn

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Bonjour dah-lings!


Autumn Hair Cover PhotoMany of us are fondly bidding goodbye to summertime humidity (so long, frizz!), but the change in the air brings a whole new set of hair challenges. Colder months may mean cozy blankets and beanies, but oh, yes… they also mean dry skin and hair.

But don’t let the spooky weather of October worry you! We have all the right steps to help you “autumn-atically” hydrate your gorgeous hair.

Infuse those thirsty strands and avoid breakage this fall by making some healthy changes to your hair care routine. Cold weather doesn’t have to wreck your hair game, dah-ling!   

Ditch dull hair with these three hydrating tips:

  1. Avoid Overwashing

When it comes to moisturized hair, sometimes we have to let our hair do it’s own work. Although we all appreciate having a clean mane, washing too often can actually be a bad thing! Just like our skin, our hair can be stripped of its natural oils, and over-washing leaves you with unnecessary dryness. Remember that healthy hair doesn’t always come from daily washing, mon amie, so sometimes a little restraint can go a long way.  

Instead of washing daily, enhance your natural beauty by walking away from the shampoo (just temporarily, of course). Depending on your hair type, you’ll want to make a washing schedule that does more helping than hurting. Try every other day, or every third day. And lather those tresses with gentle products like those in our Hydrating Collection. These products moisturize and repair split ends, dryness, frizz, and bad stylistic habits.


  1. Don’t Skip Your Salon Visit  

Trust us, getting your hair trimmed is not a trick, it’s a treat! Regular trims are absolutely necessary (and your hairstylist will definitely agree with us on this one). Our hair can only stand so much dryness before it becomes damaged and broken.  

Trimming our hair on a regular basis even makes our hair appear to grow faster! Cutting down split ends and breakage reduces the spread of damaged hair and flyaways, making it look thicker, shinier, and healthier than ever. In between trims, add a few drops of our Fluoro5 Elixer Restore and Repair Oil to our Hydrating Condition, mix together, and gift your hair a luxurious cocktail of shine and moisture.


  1. Treat Your Tresses

As we get ready for pumpkin spice lattes and cozy, fall flannels, our strands need some prep for the changing weather. Dry, windy weather makes your strands more prone to breakage, so this time of year requires that you switch up your hair care routine a bit. Leave-in conditioners and hair masks will keep your hair strong, and maybe just as soft as your favorite pair of Halloween fuzzy socks.

Treatments like our Reconstructing Masque will boost shine and provide protection from the harsh winds of autumn. It contains soy and sweet potato proteins to reconstruct and strengthen, and helps make hair up to three times stronger. And that means you’ll be ready for whatever gravity-defying style your Halloween costume calls for this year!

Take these steps to combat dry weather and you’ll be the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

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