How to Keep Your Hair Hydrated In Winter

Winter hair care: How to keep hair hydrated in winter with number 4 hair care

How to Keep Your Hair Hydrated In Winter

How to Keep Your Hair Hydrated In Winter 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

winter hair care: Woman with hydrated hair in winter


Winter is tough sweetie but so are you! If 2020 has taught us all anything, it’s that we are resilient and most definitely survivors. While our hair might not be fighting an invisible virus, it is under daily attack from enemies both visible and unseen.

From hat hair to the howling wind and rain, the central heating system, to over-doing it with the hot iron, the harsh winter months can turn your usual soft and shiny tresses into a brittle old tangled mess.

Rather than wave the white flag of surrender and put yourself into a self-enforced hair quarantine (been there, done that and got the 2020 t-shirt) focus instead on these top hydration tips and you will be immune to even the meanest of blizzards.

This is N4’s remedy to fight against dehydrated hair.

Top Tips To Keep Hair Healthy And Hydrated

While you might be able to get away with air-drying your hair in the summer and simply slathering your strands with nothing more than a hard-working serum-like N4’s Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair, winter hair care requires a commitment to more maintenance. That doesn’t mean you need to become a slave to your hair but you should definitely amp up your hydrating routine.

So if you want silky strands, read on dah-ling!

Cut Back On Heat Styling

To help your hair fight the frizz, you need to cool it with heat styling tools. We don’t mean you have to lock away your straighteners till spring. That would be an ask too far! But consider “chilling” it a bit when it comes to that temperature dial. Take it down a notch. Our N4 experts recommend decreasing the temperature by about 25% to help prevent winter hair woes.

Swap Your Usual Shower For A Bath

Not only is a hot soak in a bath a wonderful way to pamper yourself on a chilly winter’s day, but it’s also the perfect excuse to use a moisturizing hair mask. Try N4’s Reconstructing Hair Masque. It comes in a bumper 12oz bottle that will see you through the harsh winter months. This restorative treatment is packed with soy proteins and Vitamin B5 to infuse hair with a healthy glow and vibrant shine.

Dim the lighting, pour yourself a glass of something comforting to drink, and pop on your favorite tunes or podcast. Add a face mask too and you’re not only multi-tasking but multi-masking too!

Focus More On Conditioning

Love to exercise? Normally wash your hair afterward? During the harsher winter months, it’s an excellent idea to ditch the post-workout shampoo and focus instead on your conditioning routine. Follow up that body conditioning class with a hair conditioning session! We call that a double whammy! It’s not just your muscles that will reap the rewards.

Over-washing hair is one of the most significant contributors to seasonal dehydration but never, ever, skimp on the conditioning. We offer a range of professional, vegan-friendly conditioning solutions as part of the Number 4 range for so stock up on your favorite and slather it on your strands as frequently as possible for optimal winter hair care. You can check out our nourishing and hydrating range of conditioners HERE.

Don’t Neglect Your Ends

Your hair is thirsty as…. (insert your favorite analogy here!)

One solution is to use the last leftover drops of your face moisturizer or serum on your hair. But make sure that it’s natural. Any products that contain oils such as rosehip seed or coconut aren’t just good for your face. You can use the very last remnants left in the bottom of your bottle to tease through your ends. They’ll literally soak up all of that goodness.

Better still, invest in products from N4’s Hydrate Collection which includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, and also Body Lotion to ensure that you are nourished and protected from the roots on your head to the soles of your feet with beautiful and natural conditioning goodness.

Follow these top tips and you will boost your hair’s immunity against the ravages of winter. No matter how mean the weather gets, you can enjoy luxuriously soft and shiny strands and beat those winter blues thanks to Number 4 High Performance Hair Care.

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