How to Make Your Color Last Longer


How to Make Your Color Last Longer

How to Make Your Color Last Longer 450 232 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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Let’s face it: fresh color is about the best thing since chocolate macaroons! Adding highlights, lowlights, or even just touching up your roots can make you feel like brand new woman, and it’s often the finishing touch on a great style. However, if you’re a color junkie like I am, you know how expensive color can get, which is why maintaining it’s vibrance and authentic shade becomes a high priority! Stop washing your money down the drain or letting it fade out in the sun. Keep your color-treated hair maintained and magnificent with these simple tips from your friend, FiFi!


Seal It – Don’t Strip It

Any stylist worth her salt will tell you that the first step to preserving color is to avoid washing your hair more than 2-3 times per week – which seems impossible if you’re on any sort of fitness plan that actually requires you to break a sweat. On those days when dry shampoo simply won’t cut it, don’t deny yourself. You can give in to a shower, so long as your cleanser is designed to work with your color to seal in its vitality, as opposed to other shampoos that will strip your color. Try a weekly deep cleansing regimen with a Clarifying Shampoo to do just that!

Hydrated Hair Holds Color Better

Finding ways to lock in moisture will not only help hair stay touchably soft, but it also helps it retain color. As your cuticle becomes dehydrated, your hair begins to purge itself of anything other than its own natural oils in an effort to find balance. This will cause hair to look dull – exactly the opposite of what you want when you add color. To remedy the effects of parched hair, try applying Reconstructing Masque 1-2 times per week in lieu of conditioner for an added boost of moisture. 

Spray On Sunscreen For Your Strands

 It’s not actual sunscreen, but Super Comb Prep & Protect does offer your hair UV protection against fading or bleaching, making it the perfect product for fun in the sun. Furthermore, because color-treated hair is already more susceptible to damage, spraying a detangler like Super Comb will prevent breakage from wind-blown beach day. Give damp hair a once-over spray before combing through and getting on with your day – and your tan.

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