How To Make Your Hair Hold A Curl

How To Curl Hair, How to Make Curls Last, Tips for Curling Hair

How To Make Your Hair Hold A Curl

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For those of us with hard-to-style hair, making curls hold can seem like an impossible feat. Nothing is more frustrating than spending an hour battling with your curling iron, only to have all your hard work fall flat before you even make it out the front door. But don’t give up just yet! We know a thing or two about curling hair and we’re sharing some tried and true ways to keep those curls from spiraling downhill.

The Dirty Truth

How To Curl Hair, How to Make Curls Last, Tips for Curling Hair

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First thing’s first – start with unwashed hair. The natural oils from your scalp give your hair needed texture, making your strands more adaptable. If you plan on curling your hair, wash it one or two days before with Clarifying Shampoo and skip the conditioner, just this once. Conditioner makes hair smooth, but you need a rougher texture if you want your curls to stay put. If you just can’t fathom ditching the conditioner, reach for Volumizing Condition – its lightweight formula will add moisture and volume without weighing hair down.

Preparation is Key

When trying to get your hair to do something it doesn’t naturally do, you need to give it a helping hand. Many people make the mistake of only applying products after curling. No, no, no, darling! Proper product prep begins before! So before you tango with your hot tools, start with a lightweight styling lotion to give your hair added texture, such as Texture Styling Crème. It’s also a good idea to use a heat-protectant product, like Thermal Styling Spray, to keep from damaging strands.

Clips are Your Friend

Clips and bobby pins are your styling friend, both pre- and post-curl. Use them to section off hair while curling to ensure you don’t miss any pieces of hair. And after curling a section, wrap the curl and pit it to your head, allowing it to set for a few minutes. This will let the curl cool, giving it more structure and volume that will last longer.

Spray Before You Play

Never, ever skimp on the hairspray! Once you are done curling your hair, finish by misting your curls with a light but stronghold hairspray. We recommend Non Aerosol Hair Spray, which will give you all-day hold without that ever dreaded stiffness. And don’t forget to grab a small bottle for your purse – you’d be amazed at what a little spray can do to revitalize your curls at the end of the day!

 Hands Off

Last, but certainly not least, keep your hands far, far away from your strands once you’ve finished styling. It’s tempting to want to run your fingers through your freshly curled locks but doing so will only make them more likely to lose their vitality. And anyway, why waste time playing with your hair when you could be bouncing around the party, flaunting your voluptuous tresses and turning heads left and right!


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