How to Nourish and Protect Color-Treated Hair

Nourish and Protect Color-Treated Hair with Number 4 Hair Care

How to Nourish and Protect Color-Treated Hair

How to Nourish and Protect Color-Treated Hair 292 241 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care



Perhaps you have a long-standing love affair with a full head of foils or maybe you prefer a root tint? Maybe you fancy trying out a metallic shade or you love a soft pastel hue? If you’re not a natural blonde, or you’ve opted to give your hair a helping hand to stave off the grays, then you might need a recap on the color commandments. These are like the holy grail of the hairstyling world. Yes dah-lings, we’re about to preach to the color converted.

Being part of this congregation requires regular attendance and commitment. There’s no use praying to the healthy hair gods! Actions speak louder than words. Do unto your hair as you would have your hair do unto you! So if you want hair that’s silky, smooth, and sensationally shiny, you need to shower it with love and affection. Luckily, that’s where Number 4 High Performance Hair Care products for color-treated hair really are your saving grace.

Here are the top healthy hair secrets you need to know for color-treated hair…

  1. Pick the right shampoo

The more frequently you wash your hair, the quicker that vibrant color will fade. Twice or thrice a week should do it. More importantly, though, be sure to use a highly hydrating shampoo. The formula in N4’s Hydrating Shampoo is both color protecting and anti-aging. It’s also sulfate-free and sulfate, as we know, is the devil when it comes to corrupting color.

  1. Condition, condition, and yes, condition some more!

Color-treated hair is fragile hair. It needs lots of T.L.C and lots of hydrating conditioner to lock in lasting vibrancy. You need an ultra-moisturizing formula that will protect you from the evil hair spirits. Let N4’s Hydrating Condition be your guardian angel.

  1. Make time for a weekly mask

Yes, we already mentioned the importance of regular conditioning but if you’ve been slacking on the masking lately, chances are that your color game isn’t as strong as it should be. So get yourself back into your stylist’s good books by jumping back on the masking band-wagon. Not only will it keep your color intact for longer, but by using N4’s Reconstructing Hair Masque, you’ll also infuse it with a pret-a-porter glow. Did an angel just fall to earth?

  1. Look for products that contain a UV filter

If it’s hot as hell out there the UV light from the sun will be playing unholy havoc with your bold color. Even in winter when the days seem dull as ditchwater, that’s exactly how your hair will end up looking if you don’t invest in suitable UV protection. N4’s Super Comb Prep & Protect is the patron saint and protector of sun-loving, color-obsessed goddesses like you. Fail to add to your basket at your peril!

  1. Eat right to look and feel right

It’s time to practice what you eat! Healthy hair, just like beautiful skin, starts from within. So dah-ling feed your hair from the inside out. Tuck into a handful of walnuts to top up on a post color hit of nourishing Vitamin E and make sure you enjoy lots of oily fish, packed with essential fatty acids and omega-3.

Right now there’s 30% off a range of hydrating, nourishing, and color-protecting products at Number 4 so use code HYDRATE30 when you checkout that basket and pray that your favorite products are still in stock!

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