How To Pick The Right Products For Your Hair Type

1Hdr HairType

How To Pick The Right Products For Your Hair Type

How To Pick The Right Products For Your Hair Type 258 146 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


1Hdr HairType

Let’s get real for a minute. Knowing what products are right for your hair is challenging, right? 

Do you know what your hair type actually is?

So many people think they have lank, limp hair when really, it’s just dull and not fine at all. Others swing their head around like they’re the proud owner of a golden glossy mane when actually their strands are so scorched, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d been camping out in the Mojave Desert all summer long.

Once you come to grips with your key concerns, then you need to research what products are going to work best to achieve your haircare goals or indeed reverse any damage you’ve inflicted on those stressed-out tresses. 

  • Looking for some va va volume or want to preserve the intensity of your hair color in-between visits to the salon? 
  • Perhaps you need to add some high intensity shine, or lock in a dose of much needed moisture and hydration?
  • Maybe you’ve been overdoing it with the products lately, layering on a cocktail of lotions and potions to try and cure all evils. Now you need to calm the heck down with a clarifying treatment! 

Whatever your primary haircare concerns, we’re here to help answer those all-important questions. 

Like just how many shampoos do you need in the shower and what styling products will help you achieve the ultra-sleek runway finish you desire?

So first up, it’s time to take the Number 4 Hair Prescription Quiz.

You guessed it mes cheries. No two beautiful heads of hair are alike. That’s why we need to get your unique hair prescription first before we can tailor your program of products. Don’t worry, it’s a perfectly painless process and it’s going to take the guesswork and trial and error out of choosing the wrong products for your hair type.

So if you J’ADROE to take a quiz, go right on now and CLICK HERE to find out what we’re recommending exclusively for you today. It’s going to take less than a minute to complete the quiz and in the end, you’ll have your very own haircare prescription from those clever bots at the Number 4 Bureau. A carefully curated list of the products you need to address your specific concerns. Our experts are hard at work right now pulling together algorithms to work out your perfect solution. 

Talking of which, did you know that behind the scenes at Number 4 we’re continually collaborating with a global pool of the most talented and visionary hairstylists, artists, fashion designers, musicians, tastemakers, writers, landscapers, scientists and general purveyors of the finest things in life. Not forgetting those clever technical bods who are pulling together your Number 4 prescription. 

So if you’re at all interested in what products our experts recommend for YOU and YOU only, go ahead and take our QUIZ.

PS Dah-lings – If you do go on to purchase any of the products recommended on your personal hair care prescription, we’d love it if you could leave us a product review.  And there is an added treat in it for your too ($5 towards your next purchase). Thanks a million!

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