How to Refresh a Salon Blowout

Salon Blowout

How to Refresh a Salon Blowout

How to Refresh a Salon Blowout 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

woman posingBONJOUR DAH-LING!

There’s no nicer feeling than stepping out of the hair salon with a fresh blowout. You almost feel like a new person. People whisper ‘who is she?’ as you walk past, and you have this killer confidence that no one can take from you.

But as hard as we try, we can never recreate the same hair salon blowout-look. We find ourselves desperately trying to make it last by prolonging our hair wash day, but it ends up looking rather lacklustre and eventually greasy.

Dah-ling, we all skip hair wash days so our salon locks stay with us that little bit longer, so don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. But there are ways to refresh a salon blowout without having to worry about the lacklustre and greasy results.

Whether you’re looking for that salon look every day, or for a particular occasion, you can’t beat that fresh blowout sparkle. Turn heads every day with our top tips on refreshing the perfect salon blowout.

Here’s Our Top Tips On How To Refresh A Salon Blowout!

Turn your hair game up with a little volume

With Number 4, you don’t need to worry about skipping your hair wash days to make your blowout last. Our styling collection works hard to smooth, volumize and texturize your hair with shine and brilliance so you can recreate the look exactly how you want it.

Pre-blow drying

Start by cleansing your hair with Number 4’s Volumizing Shampoo, because it’s all about big hair Dahling, big hair. Make your hair blossom like a flower with this shampoo as a little goes a long way. It’s the perfect cleanser for anyone seeking movement, height and lasting volume, and will give your hair long-lasting bounce no matter the thickness. Pair this with N4’s Volumizing Condition for endless body, moisture and shine!

All you need to do is give your mane a good clean with these products, all the hard volumizing work is done for you in the product.

You didn’t think the process was over yet did you? The next step is to use Number 4’s Styling Foam when your hair is damp. This is going to give your roots a gentle but firm lift. This product is like our little secret for the perfect blowout, and is suitable for all hair types.

Start by distributing the product through your hair evenly, but making sure to start from the top and ending at the bottom of your hair to get that volumizing boost deep into your roots.

Why stop there? Dah-ling, you’re almost there with the pre-drying volume products. But if you want to ensure you have that maximum blowout sparkle, we suggest using Number 4’s Blow Dry Lotion. This styling product gives you the perfect balance between hold and condition. Distribute evenly and then blow dry your hair. It’s as easy as that!

Blow Drying

Your best bet for that salon blowout will be to use a ceramic or boar bristle round brush that gives you the biggest boost for your hair. As you dry, direct each section in the opposite direction for more lift at the roots. You can even create a large curl as you’re drying and hold it in place with clips, and once you’re finished release the hair to reveal voluminous locks.

If you find your hair struggles with volume, you can use N4’s Styling Foam and then flip your head over and use the dryer to directly dry the roots. Once you flip your head back again, the volume will be immense! J’adore!

If you wake up and find your blowout is looking a little limp, refresh it by using your round brush and hairdryer on your dry hair. This will give you immediate volume, and you can finish it off firm with N4’s Non Aerosol Spray.

Post Drying

That’s pretty much it dah-lings, just remember to use N4’s Non Aerosol Spray for a firm, but no stiff hold. This will ensure your blowout stays in place, and you can easily carry around the Mini Non Aerosol Spray to touch up your hair throughout the day.

And there you have it! You’ll be able to leave the house with the salon-look and salon-feeling, because we know that kind of radiant sparkle is irreplaceable.

Here’s a couple of extra handy tips for prolonging your salon blowout that might be useful:

Pop it on top for bed

When you go to sleep gather your hair in a loose messy bun to make your blowout last longer. Silk turbans are your best option as they’re very hair friendly and cause minimal damage.

Protect your hair in the shower

Moisture will cause your hair to flatten. Protect it with a shower cap, a snug-fitting, terry-cloth cap would be very ideal!


No need to skip the gym dah-ling! You’ve got to get those squats in, so we recommend pushing your hair back with a sweat absorbing headband. This will prevent the top bits of your hair from going frizzy, and will also help it stay fresher for longer.

For more hairstyles that have a firm hold and use N4’s hairspray, check out How to: Day To Night Hairstyle.


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