How to Rescue Damaged Hair

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How to Rescue Damaged Hair

How to Rescue Damaged Hair 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

paraben free hair productsBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Ah, summer’s here but winter left our locks looking a little lifeless and dull. The cold weather as well as continuous use of heat can tangle our tresses and cause brittleness, breakage and damage For some, a quick trip to get a chop can fix the problem and voila! It’s perfect. But for others it means shamelessly telling your hairdresser how much you love it and then going home to cry for the next two weeks because really, you hate it.

But dah-ling, we’re here to fix your hair woes so you don’t have to go through that mess.

Put down the scissors, it’s time to match your hair to the spring mood and add some life into it! Take a look at our damaged hair care routine that we’ve tailored just for you using N4’s paraben free hair products.

Washing your hair

A good shampoo and conditioner makes all the difference when you’re washing your hair. We invest so much time into choosing the right hair mask, that sometimes we forget to think about what we’re using to cleanse! N4’s Hydrating Shampoo is the perfect start to rescuing your damaged locks.

You can think of this shampoo as the saviour you never knew your hair needed. It’s paraben and sulfate free meaning you won’t get any nasty scalp irritation and it’ll help your hair hold its moisture. You’ll be able to say hello to healthy and shiny hair growth that others will be envious of.

Pssst, we know how much of a chore washing your hair can be, so N4’s Hydrating Shampoo is also made to keep your hair cleaner for longer. Eugh, J’adore!

Condition, condition, condition

Dah-lings, do not let your hair get thirsty. Replenish, hydrate, and condition your best friend. Think of the war winter put it through, and how the hotter heat will parch your poor locks.

Luckily, N4’s Hydrating Condition pairs perfectly with the shampoo, and will give you an ultra moisturizing treatment that’s worth swishing your strands for (because why wouldn’t you if they’re looking lush).

This magic in a bottle will get your hair on its road to recovery as it helps repair your split ends, frizz and dryness. It’s the little daily dose of hydration your hair needs that not even the sun can take from you.

Care for your hair

Dah-ling! A self-care evening consisting of a hot bubble bath, face masks, soothing skincare and N4’s Reconstructing Hair Masque is long overdue. Indulge in deep treatment from your roots to your ends as you treat your locks to a rich blend of soy proteins, Vitamin B5 and natural conditioners

It has a cocktail of ingredients your hair will soak up, because it’s not just our tummy’s that deserve a cheeky beverage every now and then. Your hair will quite literally be prét-a-porter (ready to wear), so you can always leave the house with luscious locks.

You can also check out N4’s Super Comb Prep and Protect to give your hair that extra layer of safety it needs.

Your diet

Your hair is what you eat. Much like our waistlines and skin are also what we eat. Skip that sugary snack for shiny, bouncy locks, and enrich your diet with vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients including protein, magnesium, vitamin E, iron and selenium. Trust us, your hair will thank you later.

We also all know a lot of the time the answer to caring for your hair is less heat! Click through to browse our amazing paraben free hair products.


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