How To Rock a Pixie

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How To Rock a Pixie

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Bonjour Dah-lings!

A pixie cut takes courage. Perhaps that’s why it’s the ultimate cool-girl hairstyle it’s playful, edgy, and femininely funky. Not to mention, a breath of fresh (h)air from Hollywood’s obsession with hair extensions. It’s a style that radiates confidence while accentuating the cheekbones you never knew you had (no highlighter necessary!). Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Scarlett Johansson; these ladies understood the transformative powers of a pixie. Oh, and let’s not forget the darling that said it best, Miss Coco Chanel herself. “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

sarah louwho

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Find A Style That Suits You

Pixie cuts are incredibly versatile, allowing for a range of styles to fit your hair type and texture. If you’re thinking of making the cut, one thing you will want to consider is the shape of your face. If you have a round face, opt for a pixie with a little more length and volume. For longer face shapes, you’ll look best with a softer, side-swept style – think less volume. If you have a heart-shaped face, well lucky you… you can rock pretty much any style pixie your heart desires! All it takes is the right stylist, an open mind, and a whole lot of hair product. Which brings us to our next point…

Don’t Be Afraid of Product!

A pixie cut is only as good as its products. Start by rough-drying your hair and prep with a little Firm Hold Gel for hold and volume, or Texture Styling Creme if your hair is on the frizzier side. Next, take a dime-size amount of Texture Paste, spread it through your fingers, and have a little fun. Twist, scrunch, smooth, or spike – go wild! There’s no right or wrong way to style a pixie and that’s exactly why they’re so fun! Pro Tip: Hate the feeling of paste? Opt instead for Sugar Texturizing Spray on dry hair to give it some texture.

Color Matters

The right color can make all the difference on this short style. Whether it’s platinum blonde, midnight black, fiery red, or a color straight out of a Crayola 100-pack, pixies are a hairstyle that should encourage experimentation.

Maintenance Is Key

Perhaps the only downside of this cut is the upkeep it requires. There’s nothing more awkward than an overgrown pixie. We recommend a visit to your salon every four to six weeks, for optimal results. That might sound like a lot, but trust us! Hair grows fast, especially when it’s fresh and healthy.


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