How To Style Hair Without Heat Tools

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How To Style Hair Without Heat Tools

How To Style Hair Without Heat Tools 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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Finding it all too hot to handle? Feel like you need to step away from the styling tools this season and give your hair a welcome break from damage and distress! Then you need to know N4’s no-heat rules to rock beautiful, bouncy hair. Prepare to leave your straightening iron and curling tongs alone for a little while as you discover the top tips you need to looking great, whether you style your hair curly or straight.

Fall In Love With Your Hair’s Natural Texture

It’s time to go au naturel and embrace your hair’s fabulousness dah-ling.

One of the secrets to gorgeous air-dried hair is to prep and prepare. Or as we like to say here at Number 4 High Performance Hair Care, take the time to prime and shine!

By that, we mean nurturing your hair while it’s still wet with a leave-in conditioning treatment. Something that’s lightweight yet dependable. Effective enough to deliver definition even without your usual heat-styling tools.

Flawless, frizz-free, don’t care hair can be yours thanks to the continuous protection offered in this little miracle product from N4’s professional range of hair care products.

Do you want head-turning confidence without dialing up the Fahrenheit? Then you need to spritz N4’s Super Comb Prep & Protect leave-in conditioning spray through your hair to nourish and smooth from the roots to the tips.

Va Va Voom Volume Without the Ra Ra Heat?

But what fine-haired femme fatales? How can you execute that big and bouncy, va va voom finish rather than a flat ending? Is it possible to recreate volume and tousled texture without being extra?

The trick is to start by applying N4’s Styling Foam to freshly washed and towel-dried hair, perfect for delivering long-lasting velvety texture and shine defining style. It boosts the roots so you don’t have to raise the roof when it comes to dialing up the heat.

Dispense a golf ball size amount into your palms and distribute evenly through the hair. Pack the product into damp hair and keep manipulating till hair is thoroughly dry, revealing gorgeously undone, tantalizing tousled tresses (but sans stress).

To finish off the voluminous no heat look, smooth a few drops of N4’s Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil through dry hair to smooth stray strands. Then refresh and set, giving a quick root boot blast, with N4’s Mighty Hair Spray for some serious oomph.

Beach Babe Wave The Heat Free Way

Surely you can’t achieve marvelously messy, beachy waves without resorting to your usual heat styling ways? Oh contraire! If you want to rock heat-free waves then simply braid your hair while damp, dividing it into sections and generously spraying with N4’s Sugar Texturizing Spray. While you’re waiting for your hair to dry naturally, you can crack on with your to-do list. Without the hot-iron hogging your hands, you are free to treat those fingers and toes to a high-shine coat of polish to match your crowning glory. You just freed up a slot in your diary for some essential maintenance, mani and pedi style!

As soon as the hair is dry, loosen and shake out those braids and tousle for a totally dreamy, naturally lived-in look without the frizz or the heat.

Hopefully, these top tips have left you feeling inspired to ditch the hairdryer and be kind to your hair. For more styling ideas and the products you need to perfect all the latest looks, click here to check out the N4 blog.

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