How To Style Holiday Card Hair – Mom, Dad and Kids

12.19 holiday card hair

How To Style Holiday Card Hair – Mom, Dad and Kids

How To Style Holiday Card Hair – Mom, Dad and Kids 800 533 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

12.19 holiday card hair


Who remembers writing out their holiday card list as a kid, sitting down in one long session with a stack of cards to pen your Seasonal Greetings to classmates and family members? The family holiday card suddenly became a rite of passage, recording family history, fashion and hairstyles of the year.

Whether they get physically sent in the post or e-mailed around digitally, families all over the world are currently preparing to pull out all the stops again this year as they raise their game when it comes to the obligatory photo card.

It’s all about the holiday card hair!

Locations get flashier, outfits get more stylish and yes, with the age of Instagram entirely upon us, hair and makeup are taken to a whole new level of sophistication.

So just how do you style holiday card hair?

Well, Cherie,’ tis the season for holiday styling and we’re here with our top tips on how you can nail your family holiday card like the Pros!

Sophisticated Styles for Mom and Big Sister

How about a high ponytail?

You can DIY this style in just 10 minutes. Just make sure you prep with plenty of N4 Styling Foam to get lots of voluminous and velvety texture. Use our Mighty Hair Spray to seal this style in place.

Or go for loosely textured waves.

This is an attractive and luxe yet laid back look that’s perfect for bringing all the glamour. The look you should be going for is one of lived-in texture. You can achieve this with a flat iron but go for rounded edges. Gently brush out the waves so that it doesn’t look overly done and add N4’s Sugar Texturizing Spray for a loose and perfectly undone finish.

Super-Cute Styles for Little Sister

Braids or Bunches accessories with a cute rhinestone clip.

Go for braids, bunches, or a neatly pulled back ponytail but accessorize with a sparkling seasonal clip. Smooth down those wispy flyaway baby hairs with a delicate spritz of N4’s Non Aerosol Hair Spray.

Upgrade a classic Bob with a black velvet bow.

Bows and holiday card hair go hand in hand. Style their hair into a half-up, half-down bob and accessorize with this season’s must-have hair adornment, either a black velvet or satin bow. Super cute and oh so festive.

Stylish Seasonal Styles for the Boys

Now might be a good idea for Dad and Son to head to the Barbers for a trim. It’s definitely not the time to be experimenting with a Mohawk or trying out an exaggerated Scissor Fade.

Instead, go for a Taper Fade where the lengths naturally fade into one another or keep it longer on top and shorter and sharp around the sides. This way, with just a few styling products, you can recreate a holiday hairstyle that’s easy to pull off and looks sharp and just the right dash of dandiness!

Short Quiffs, Classic Comb Overs, or even a Hard Part

These styles all provide definition and will ensure the boys aren’t left letting the girls down in the holiday hair stakes. N4’s Texture Paste works wonders on unruly heads and creates a matte finish, which is ideal for photos. No shiny heads in this year’s shots!

Now all you need to do is smile, give it heaps of attitude and remember to have lots of festive family fun. Are you ready for your close up?

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