How To Use Heat To Add Sizzle To Winter Styles

Winter hair

How To Use Heat To Add Sizzle To Winter Styles

How To Use Heat To Add Sizzle To Winter Styles 1024 683 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour Dahlings

winter hair

Just when you thought it was safe to step away from the bobble hat and put static back in its tracks, winter reared its fearsome polar head once more stripping the dear life out of your luscious locks. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news mes cheries, but Spring has not yet sprung and the killer combination of cold air outside and manufactured heat indoors can leave your hair drier than the Sahara Desert! Your winter BFF is most definitely going to be N4 Reconstructing Masque, guaranteed to give your hair that pret-a-porter glow.

The heat is on!

winter hair

There’s no need to worry your pretty little heads, you can actually turn up the dial and use heat to your advantage and we’re about to reveal just how! With a few strategic products in your hair care arsenal and your trusted hair dryer by your side, get ready to give limp locks and winter hair woes the big heave-ho and say hello instead to fabulously silky soft hair.

Winter proofing your crowning glory

When it comes to winter-proofing your hair, it’s all about keeping it strong, supple, sleek and shiny. You don’t need to forego your favorite bouncy blow dry but you might want to consider amping up the level of thermal protection. Your hair is going to be thirstier than you were when you successfully completed Dry January, so it’s time to retox with plenty of moisture-infusing products.

You need to be using N4 Thermal Styling Spray, each and every day! Don’t just use it on wet hair, use it on your dry locks too, to style and restyle locking in moisture and providing invisible super powered protection against the elements.

Layer with care

Just like that favorite cocktail, your winter hair care should be infused with potent pairings of ingredients that just go together. Like lime and tequila or gin and tonic! For flexible style with added shine, layer together N4 Thermal Styling Spray with N4 Support Solution and run our Smoothing Balm through those stressed out strands.

With these top tips and products by your side, you can put the sizzle back into your winter style and ensure every day is a good blow dry day!

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