Your Key To Healthier Hair: How To Use N4s Detangling Comb

How to Use a Detangling Comb

Your Key To Healthier Hair: How To Use N4s Detangling Comb

Your Key To Healthier Hair: How To Use N4s Detangling Comb 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

How to use a detangling combBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Have you ever noticed just how attached we get to our hair brushes? Oh the heartbreak when we lose our favorite one! And then it’s a ferocious hunt to replace all of its amazing qualities in another brush or detangling comb that we know will take us weeks to get used to.

But what is all this mumbo jumbo about a comb being just as healthy, if not better for your hair? Well we’re here to tell you it’s all true! There are times when using a comb will really help your hair health and keep it stronger for longer.

N4 has a miracle detangling comb that triumphs all others out there. It’s like Cinderella’s glass slipper; it instantly fits, it detangles yet abstains from hair breakage, and glides through your locks no matter the texture or type.

Now we’re not saying to use only a comb, some of you gorgeous girls might prefer a brush, or might have found one that styles your hair just how you like it. Plus, a brush can help defeat those bigger and feistier knots. But if you’re looking for a comb, read on to find out why N4s Detangling Comb might just be the one for you.

When Are You Meant to Use a Detangling Comb?

It’s the perfect addition to your hair toolbox and works best after you’ve used N4s products and your hair is damp or wet. Our locks are at their most fragile when they’re wet and they can stretch over 50% more during this time!

This is when N4s Detangling Comb comes in very handy. It’s the most suitable tool for your hair in this condition. It’s going to apply a much more gentle and soft touch to your hair

If you’ve just washed your hair, then we recommend applying N4s Smoothing Balm to your damp locks. For all of you lovelies with unruly locks, this first and extra step helps to create a polished style. It’s super easy to use and just needs to be distributed evenly through hair, and then blow dry as you usually would.

This doesn’t mean to say you can’t use it on dry hair! It’s the perfect handbag friendly tool to touch up those tresses day or night!

How to Use a Detangling Comb

We recommend using the N4 Detangling Comb before reaching for the shampoo. This will help reduce the likelihood of any knots and tangles forming as you give it a good lather, and also prevent any already occurring knots from growing.

When conditioning, use the comb to work it through your locks, this will help distribute the product evenly and let it work its magic.

Starting at the ends of your hair is a must! Gently brush it through your strands and untangle any knots. Gradually work upwards to your head and scalp. The great thing about the N4s Detangling Comb is that it’s wide-toothed and meaning it’ll be a lot more gentle on those pesky knots!

Always take your time to detangle your strands, patience is key and if you force it you’re only hurting your precious locks.

Other Brilliant Benefits to Combing Your Hair

Combing through your scalp can encourage blood to rise to the surface bringing with it more oxygen and nutrients, nourishing the hair roots and promoting hair growth. So you can be the true princess you really are and enjoy playing with your silky locks.

You may be wondering how to pull off the look. This works for all hair types and textures! But to really define the parting we recommend opting for smooth hair. The good news is that this doesn’t just apply to straight haired girlies. Curly-haired babes can also get smooth locks without the need to apply heat!

Combing also helps to loosen and remove dead skin which can sometimes cause scalp irritation and affect hair growth if not removed. So those lovelies dreaming of long locks, keep on coming!

What about using your comb to style your hair? Well, if you’re growing out your bangs then you must read our article for N4 Stylist Approved Hacked for Bangs!

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