How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way

How To Wash Your Hair The Right Way 1

How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way

How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way 596 591 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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Yes, there is a right way and wrong way to wash your hair. If this is news to you, don’t worry! It’s never too late to step up your shampoo game. A few tweaks to your shower routine could make all the difference to your hair, from fewer flyaways to softer, shinier, and overall healthier looking hair. And who doesn’t want that?

How To Wash Your Hair The Right Way 1

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Choose a Shampoo for Your Hair Type

Everyone’s hair is unique, and should be cared for as such. For best results, you need to understand your hair type and use a product tailored to your specific needs. If your hair is fine, you should be using a shampoo that enhances volume and lift, like our Volumizing Shampoo. For thicker, harder to manage hair, opt instead for a moisturizing shampoo. Our Hydrating Shampoo locks in needed moisture and leaves strands touchably soft. For color-treated hair, color-safe and sulfate-free shampoos are a must. All Number 4 products are sulfate-free and color protecting, so you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to your strands!

Turn Down the Temp!

As relaxing as a piping hot shower can be, exposing your strands to super-high temperatures can leave them dry and dreary. Instead, stick to warm water, which opens up the hair’s cuticle to allow shampoo in to do its job. Oppositely, cold water helps close the cuticle and seal in moisture, so try ending your shower with a cool rinse to achieve shiny, smooth strands.

Be Gentle

Think about washing your hair like you wash your delicates – carefully! Avoid using your nails when washing your scalp and don’t scrub too harshly. Healthy hair starts with your scalp, so being especially gentle when washing your roots is of utmost importance in achieving healthy hair.

Don’t Overwash

People often think the more often they wash their hair, the less oily it will be. Wrong! Your hair actually produces more oil when washed too often. As a general rule, course or color-treated hair should be washed two to three times a week. Finer hair tends to need a little more love and should be shampooed every other day.

Don’t Use Too Much

Chances are, you’re using too much shampoo. All you need is a quarter-size amount. When you use too much, it not only removes all the dirt and oil from your hair, it also starts stripping away essential oils your hair needs to be at its best. Number 4 products have a unique, highly concentrated formula – so a little goes a long way! If you want more lather, skip the extra shampoo and add more water instead. In addition to being good for your hair, your products will last twice as long!

Believe us when we say a good hair day begins in the shower. For more hair tips, tricks, and best practices, explore our blog and follow us on social!

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