How Number 4 Helps To Hydrate More Than Just Your Hair

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How Number 4 Helps To Hydrate More Than Just Your Hair

How Number 4 Helps To Hydrate More Than Just Your Hair 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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We hope you’ve enjoyed a sensational summer whether you’ve been staycation-ing or vaction-ing this year. We spend so much time talking on the blog about the importance of hydration. But did you know that at Number 4 High Performance Hair Care we have products to care for more than just your hair?

Today we’re going to throw some light and shade on one of our non-hair “hero” products, N4’s range of Body Lotions. And just like all our Number 4 products, you can bet your bottom dollar dah-ling that this range is going to be benefit from being:


From our Fleurs de Temps lotion to our Lumiere d’hiver, N4 will leave your skin locked, loaded and fully replenished with moisture.

The Importance of Skin Hydration

Applying a body lotion is a relatively inexpensive way to pamper the body, sealing in moisture to prevent skin drying out (so important in the hotter summer months) but also fabulous for delivering a surge of replenishing hydration to rough and dry areas such as elbows and heels whatever the weather.

Top 6 Body Lotion Benefits

We’ve listed out what the team at Number 4 HQ feel are the top 6 benefits of regularly using a body lotion to care for your skin from tip to toe.

Rehydrate dry and thirsty skin

Skin is easily chapped by the wind and the sun and can also be dried out by central heating and air conditioning. So no matter what climate you live in, your skin is likely to become dry and irritated if you don’t regularly apply a quality body lotion like N4’s Hydrating Body Lotion.

It will help to seal moisture deeply into the skin keeping it not only supple but also hydrated. Featuring shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil, this quick drying formula delivers exceptional, non-greasy moisturization and is packed with replenishing botanicals.

Deliver a replenishing surge of hydration to rough and dry spots

Even if your skin is more on the oily side, chances are that you will still experience dry and rough localized spots, especially in areas like the elbows, ankles and knees. If you are a lover of fake tan you will appreciate only too well the importance of keeping these areas hydrated and silky smooth like the rest of your body

. A replenishing lotion like N4’s Fleurs de Temps Body Lotion is a great way to ensure that fake tan glides on effortlessly without giving your game away! The quick drying formula instantly penetrates the skin and because it comes in a premeasured pump, you can rest assured that you’ll always deliver exactly the dosage of hydration with every application. As a bonus it also contains shea butter for advanced skin protection all year round.

Smooth calluses and rough feet

We all know the drill. Summer arrives out of nowhere. You’re ready to slip on your sparkly new strappy sandals, but your feet resemble those of a Hobbit! Rough and unsightly calluses are not the summer look you want. By applying a moist and hydrating body lotion to your feet before sloughing away dead skin cells, you will make the job of humanizing your tootsies so much easier. Calluses are gone! The N4 range of Body Lotions comes in a range of sizes, including our popular minis, so you can pack your favorite lotion in your day bag and give yourself a DIY pedicure by the sea.

Intoxicate the senses with the sensual smell of N4’s L’umiere d’hiver

Not only does it feel relaxing and indulgent to apply a pampering and deeply moisturizing lotion to your body, it can also further soothe the senses with the intoxicating and enticing aroma of white freesia, golden amber and warm musk. L’umiere d’hiver soothes and protects dry and irritated skin while the luxurious heady combination of scents awakens the senses. The fragrance is luxuriously pampering without being overpowering.

Instantly feel more relaxed

Even if you’re a stickler for regular moisturization and you love the skin you’re in, who doesn’t enjoy a little extra hands on massage from time to time? Try rubbing your favorite N4 lotion between the palms of your hands, first to heat it up, before applying it to your body in long, sweeping massaging movements. The combination of steady massage moves alongside the deeply relaxing aromas of N4’s Body Lotion range will help reduce stress, trigger those happy endorphins and may also reduce pain and inflammation. As an extra top tip, combine with a few drops of Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil to create a luxurious N4 based massage oil.

 Enjoy a skin glow-up

 It’s time to experience your summer glow-up! With richly botanical based ingredients including Coconut and Jojoba oil as well as Shea Butter and Aloe, N4’s range of paraben-free lotions will bring fresh life to languishing limbs. Surface skin cells are rejuvenated and skin is instantly brightened for that lit from within summer glow.

Dah-ling, you’re golden! Remember, we’re here to look after your hair, your body, your senses and your soul…sista.


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