Invest In Your Selfie With These Top Styling Tips From N4

Woman taking selfie after using our top styling tips

Invest In Your Selfie With These Top Styling Tips From N4

Invest In Your Selfie With These Top Styling Tips From N4 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


We’re in the mood for love this month, selfie love! Now, more than ever, we live our lives on social media. You can find everything you want online, from botanical and paraben-free professional hair care products to tutorials on creating the ultimate sleek ponytail. We know because we do both!

But we also know that selfie love is also a big priority. And with so much time spent on camera, whether that’s zoom meetings, google hangouts or keeping your Insta and TikTok feeds constantly updated with fresh content, being unprepared and having bad hair is not an option dah-ling.

So read on today to discover N4’s professional tips on how you can always be date night and Insta ready.

Woman taking selfie after using our top styling tips

Top Styling Tips for Insta-Worthy Selfies

It’s All About Self-Hair Love

Right now our hair might be feeling dry, dehydrated and a little lackluster. So it’s a good time, in the month of Valentine’s, to lavish your hair and not just your boo with some much-needed attention.

The great news is that you don’t need to spend your cash at the salon. With N4’s professional haircare product line, we have everything you need to perform open hair surgery at home!

We recommend trying an intense at-home treatment like Number 4’s Hair Reconstructing Hair Masque. It’s designed to deeply replenish and hydrate hair to give it that ‘ I just woke up like this’ look that will keep you feeling selfie-ready every day.

Avoid Helmet Hair With This Tip

We’re always looking for more volume. But when the temperature drops and we reach more frequently for that bobble hat we can end up with the dreaded helmet hair. Quelle horreur! Not a good look but especially if you’re on date night.

Don’t fret dah-ling – there’s no need to look a fright. There are several ways you can boost your roots so your hair is every bit as ravishing as the night you’ve got planned for you and your boo.

Here’s a quick tried and tested tip!

Simply try adjusting the parting of your hair. We know – simple but revolutionary, right? Give it a go now and you’ll see how transformative the power of a hair flip can be.

By just switching the direction in which your hair usually sits, you’ll naturally create more drama and the illusion of volume and texture. It’s the perfect way to capture an easy yet glamorous insta-worthy selfie.

Create even more texture by spritzing Number 4 Hair Sugar Texturizing Spray and you can build up lots of bounceable beachy inspired mid-winter volume.

Quick-Fix Date Night Hairstyles

Help! That hot guy just slid into your DM’s. He’s in town and wants a date but you’ve no time to dig out the hot tools. Eeek! What’s a gal to do? Don’t worry dah-ling. N4’s styling cupid is coming to the rescue.

Some hairstyles happen to look like you’ve spent time perfecting them when the reality is, they’re pretty effortless to achieve. They’re ideal if you’re running late for an impromptu date night.

One such style that always ensures you arrive looking ever-ready is the sleek ponytail.

Literally, part your hair down the center, and grab some styling gel. Our favorite is N4’s paraben-friendly Firm Hold Gel. Next, brush your hair backwards and down onto your head. What can we say? It’s a head-turning look that only takes seconds to create. And voila! You’re ready for romance.

We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll keep coming back to this style no doubt. We just love a double-sided French braid for a dreamy date night. Equally as romantic yet effortless to pull off at short notice as messy buns. They can help you achieve that “put-together” look but with minimum time and effort.

Serum Is Your Date Night Savior

When it comes to products designed to deliver dazzling results they don’t come more dependable than serum.

Packed with potent ingredients, at N4 we think serum is the answer to most of life’s hair problems.

Luscious locks are yours for date night taking thanks to Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil. It’s selfie-approved and can be used on both wet and dry hair. It’s somewhat of a multi-tasking masterpiece. Pretty much like you are getting ready for that last-minute date in record time! But don’t worry, we’re confident with this serum by your side you’ll set his heart a flutter and forget me knot about any pesky flyaways.

Always be ready for your close-up and a last-minute dinner invitation thanks to N4’s insider styling tips.

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