Scent to Seduce! The Intoxicating World of N4’s Botanicals

botanical hair care products

Scent to Seduce! The Intoxicating World of N4’s Botanicals

Scent to Seduce! The Intoxicating World of N4’s Botanicals 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

botanical hair care productsBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Existing fans of Number 4 High Performance Hair Care already know Our Story. We’re inspired by the exquisite sense of style and culture found on the oh-so chic streets of beautiful Paris. As a brand, we align ourselves with creativity and the cycles of fashion to deliver a catwalk ready collection of pret-a-glow botanical hair care products. Basically, we’re all about delivering high performance combined with an extraordinary experience.

So for anyone new to the brand. Bonjour! You’re going to love our “free-from” product range which are 100% vegan and gluten friendly and designed without using sulfates or sodium chloride. Nothing toxic to either you, or the environment, makes it into a N4 product and they are never, repeat, never, tested on animals.

While we’ve made a very deliberate choice to leave things OUT, we’ve equally been as decisive about what we wanted to go IN to our formulas. So our range harnesses the beauty found in nature. You’ll soon discover and fall in love with our magic elixir. The seductive and intoxicating experience of our Liquid Complex Culture ™. It’s at the very heart and soul of our range and is what makes our botanical hair care products stand truly apart from the competition.

Are you ready to meet our hard-working, high-quality, ethical and stylishly conscious range of hair care products? Then read on to discover more about our exquisite botanicals and why they’re so important to the N4 story.

What’s The Story? N4’s Botanical Based Formulas

Ours is not just any collection of vegan-friendly, salon-inspired professional quality hair care products. Oh no, dah-ling! The Number 4 High Performance Hair Care range is a collection unlike anything that you and your hair have ever previously experienced. And the reason why? Because of our use of the finest quality botanical extracts.

We’re the purveyors of the finest and most distinctive active ingredients, brought together with a touch of alchemy to deliver forward-edge technology with creative innovation. Yes, we’re uber proud of formulas and the collaborations we undertake with the movers and shakers in fashion, music, science and of course the hairdressing world.

Introducing N4’s Style Bureau

As you probably guessed, we could talk about our beautiful botanical extracts all day long. They’re seamlessly woven into every one of our delectable products. We’ve given it a name. And the name is Liquid Complex Culture ™ . It’s what defines our range and is the foundational base for anyone looking to achieve sleek, shiny, and manageable hair.

Not Sure Which Liquid Complex Is Right For You? Read On!

Vibrance, Vitality, Defense and Purity

Meet your glam-squad! Each with a distinct super hair power! United in their mission – Sensational Results! If you’re looking to give life and luminosity to your looks, your quest stops here! These are the formulations guaranteed to help your hair look and feel its best ever. And it’s all to do with those botanicals. Liquid Complex Culture ™delivers optimum hydration strengthening, preserving, purifying, and infusing your hair with anti-aging properties.

Consider it your hair. Only better! Much better.

Your Guide To N4’s Botanical Range


Hair looking dank and depressed? Do you crave luscious and shiny looking locks? Then you need our Vibrance complex.

It contains glorious show-stopping ingredients including Black Currant, Soy Yogurt, Algae, and Yerba Mate. Vibrance is a highly nutritious complex of botanicals that provides hair with an organic boost that will turn heads and hearts.

Experience the power of Vibrance in our popular N4 Clarifying Shampoo.


Hair starting to show tell-tale signs of aging? Do you long to restore its natural thickness and luminosity? Then you need our Vitality complex.

It’s super rich in antioxidants, including Acai Berry, Vitamin C, Hibiscus, and Mangosteen. Restore hair health, turn back time and combat maturing tresses with this youth-boosting elixir.

The rejuvenating properties of Vitality are revealed in our highly rated N4 Reconstructing Masque.


Feel like you are fighting a daily battle to protect your hair? Want to help shield it from external aggressors, including environmental factors and the ravaging effects of regular heat styling? Then you need our Defense complex.

It strengthens and hydrates without damaging your precious strands. Containing botanical nutrients including Oolong Tea, Vegetable Protein, and also Burdock Root, this formula works to restore hair giving life to frazzled ends.

Experience the power of Defense in our best selling N4 Hydrating Condition.


Is your approach to hair care a clean and simple one? Are you looking to harness the power of nature without any nasties? Then you need our Purity complex.

With active ingredients such as Lemongrass, Gooseberry, as well as Organic Oatmeal, it’s sulfate, sodium chloride, gluten, and paraben free. Just like Mother Nature intended.

Experience nature’s Purity for yourself in our exceptional N4 Blow Dry Lotion.

Discover the full range of Number 4 botanical hair care products and pick your favorite product inspired by nature’s bounty. You can shop the range HERE.

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