Is the Latest Viral “C-Shape” Haircut For You?

C-shape haircut style

Is the Latest Viral “C-Shape” Haircut For You?

Is the Latest Viral “C-Shape” Haircut For You? 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Today we’re looking at one of the 2023 hairstyles set to dominate! The viral “C-Shape” cut looks like it’s going to be around for a while, and with its soft face-framing layers, you’ll be feeling cuter than Rachel from friends in next to no time.

Number 4 professional hair care products will share everything there is to know about the C-shape cut and how you can successfully style it, depending on your hair texture and length.

C-shape haircut style

What Is a C-Shape Haircut?

It gets its name from its softly feminine face-framing layers that, you guessed it, are cut in “c” shapes.

You’ll require longer-length hair to start with, as the cuts typically begin at chin length and curve inward.

The beauty of this style is that it’s hugely versatile and works on various face shapes, lengths and textures. It’s especially great for anyone with thicker hair looking to remove some of the excess bulk and weight. But dah-ling, those of you with fine strands can also enjoy this “do” as it adds texture and volume and makes hair look longer thanks to how it falls.

It’s a super flexible style for everyday upkeep and is about as low maintenance as they come.

Perfect for an undo, layered pony, or just hanging loose, you can’t go wrong with this style.

Another financial bonus is that this style won’t require as much regular trimming as, say, a popular pixie cut or bob either.

How Does the C-Shape Differ from the V-Shape and the U-Shape?

It’s time to go back to basics and learn your A, B, and C!

We’ll be cutting to the chase and getting into the detail of these other styles on the N4 blog, but in short, the V-shape uses a much sharper layering cutting technique. The U-shape is much more rounded and sculpted so that it’s shorted on the sides, while the C-shape delivers softness. Yes, think that the most iconic of ’90s styles, as epitomized by Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel in Friends.

Styling your C-Shape Haircut

The best way to style this cut is with a simple yet classic blowout.

Step 1

Start out by applying a volumizing styling product like Styling Foam to provide some lift with the added bonus of non-sticky texture. Perfect for all hair types, this product delivers weightless body and texture for touchable volume.

Step 2

Next, take a large round bristle brush and blow dry hair in small sections inward toward the face.

Step 3

Finish off with N4’s Mighty Hair Spray to put your style in place effortlessly. This is a fantastic product for keeping the chic and softly feminine layers in place without hair feeling like it’s been sprayed.

It also works well in humid conditions. Your style will remain that of Rachel and not venture into Monica’s territory. If you know, you know!

For more alphabet-inspired haircuts, keep coming back to the N4 blog.

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