Is Winter Static Out of Control? Fluoro5 Elixer is Your Remedy – Seal, Finish, Restore & Repair

Woman protecting from winter static frizz with Fluoro5 Elixer

Is Winter Static Out of Control? Fluoro5 Elixer is Your Remedy – Seal, Finish, Restore & Repair

Is Winter Static Out of Control? Fluoro5 Elixer is Your Remedy – Seal, Finish, Restore & Repair 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Protect against winter static frizz with Fluoro5 Elixer


If you’re quite frankly having a frightful February where the only thing in the air is static, not love, then get ready to seal the deal by saying “I do” to Fluoro5 Elixer. You can keep your love potions! The only cocktail we’re interested in is one that restores and repairs the hair.

Right now it might feel like the winter snuggle is real. Summer dayz are a hazy distance away and you’re alternating between flat hair and flyaway hair. Either way, frizz feels like the main order of biz. You’re hankering for the glitz and glamour of beach life and an end to your hat life. One where protecting your hair from UV rays and not the drying effects of cranking up the central heating is your main hair care concern.

It’s Time to Stop Winter Static in its Tracks!

Turns out that there’s a wonder product, in the professional range from Number 4 High Performance Hair Care, that can transition with you and your hair through the seasons. This multi-tasking, shine restoring phenomena provides anti-static as well as humidity resistant properties.

Sounds too good to be true, oui? Well non! C’est vrai. It’s not called Elixer for nothing.

Fluoro5 truly is a miracle product which can be used to seal, finish, restore and protect. Actually, it can do even more than that! If we could bathe in the stuff we would. It also conditions and adds incredible, illuminating shine. The kind that turns heads, even when you’re removing your winter hat! Because behold. All you’ll be revealing is your gorgeous blow dried hair. Soft, smooth, and manageable, not a pesky stray strand in sight. That’s the beauty of Number 4’s Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil. It’s the stuff that good hair days are made of.

Your Winter Hair BSF (best styling friend)

This lightweight restorative repair serum imparts dazzling shine alongside UV and humidity protection. That’s down to tiny little particles within the formula known as Fluorosilicones. This invisible wonder ingredient creates a natural and non-greasy looking brilliance to all hair types, even the most fine kind. It’s alcohol free and can be used to seal split ends too. Quite frankly, we’re wondering if there’s nothing Fluoro5 can’t do?

But this product isn’t just about shine, static protection or reducing blow dry time. Oh no dah-ling! It’s a firm favorite of our bearded friends too.

OK, so beards might not quite suffer from winter static, but they sure can get dry, unruly and dull looking. N4’s Fluoro5 rides to the rescue yet again! This BBF (barber’s best friend) works like an absolute dream as a pre-shave oil and beard oil too. This stuff is worth its weight in gold.

We recommend that you top up today. Because this is one product that you and your boo will both be jostling over. It’s sure to take pride of place in any bathroom shelfie.

Right now you can take 30% Off Fluoro5 Elixer using code FLUORO. Just head on over to the website and stock up on this must-have fashion and beauty staple.

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