It’s A Stellar Revolution


It’s A Stellar Revolution

It’s A Stellar Revolution 433 380 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


Stylist Tetsuya Yamakata used Number 4 Hair Care to create the look for model Shelly Zander in Elle Magazine's June article, “Stellar Revolution.”

Step 1 Tetsuya applied Blow Dry Lotion from roots to tips first, then lightly misted a bit of water with a spray bottle.

Step 2 Next he dried hair with a diffuser for keep the natural wave.
Step 3 After drying, he added a tiny bit of Texture Styling Creme only to tips and surface.
Step 4 Then he added waves with curling iron in only the front part.
Step 5 Last he sprayed Mighty Hair Spray on a makeup cheek brush to cover frizz and baby hairs.

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