It’s All About The Lob

Number 4 Hair Care, Long Bob, Lob, Hairstyle Trends

It’s All About The Lob

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Bonjour Dah-lings!

With June’s arrival comes the official start of summer! And while you’re probably ready to have that sun-kissed glow back in your life, the spike in temperature might have you rethinking those long locks you once cherished. Yes, the idea of chopping away at your pride and joy can be scary. But the impending doom of a bad hair day can be scarier. When humidity strikes, you need a low-maintenance but equally fabulous look that won’t be intimidated by the summer months. Ladies, it’s time to meet the Lob.

Number 4 Hair Care, Long Bob, Lob, Hairstyle Trends

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the “long bob” rocked around Hollywood. The angled look plays off the traditional bob, but its added inches flatter every face shape and hair type. It’s short enough to keep you cool when your AC starts acting up, but long enough to allow for the same styles you did with your longer hair – now in half the time!

The Lob relies on nothing more than a dollop of texturing product. Our Texture Styling Crème works so many wonders you’d think it was formulated specifically for the Lob (we’re talking major frizz fighter). Just run some product through your mane after showering and use a round brush for a quick blow dry. If you have a bit more time, you can add loose curls for a more defined bedheaded look. I recommend using a 1¼-inch or 1½-inch curling iron, depending on your hair length.

Not only is it totally manageable, but it will also keep your tresses looking and feeling healthier. It restores life to those ends that have been through the flat iron one too many times, making hair look thicker. And when you’re ready to let the short hair go and commit to long locks once again, the Lob is a breeze to grow out. Just make sure to incorporate some healthy hair practices into your daily routine, like pairing your styling tools with a heat protectant spray or pampering your tresses with a restorative treatment. Dry and brittle hair stands no chance against our Blow Dry Lotion, Thermal Styling Spray, and Reconstructing Masque! You’ll be surprised how much faster your strands will grow when they’ve been well maintained.

The Lob will outlive the summer months strictly because of its versatility. Go a little shorter if you’re feeling bold or keep some length if you prefer to do without the shock value. Make the Lob your own and you’ll be certain to own this look!


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