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Land of Ahhh’s

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It is certainly clear that we’re not in Kansas anymore, however Number 4 is loved even in Oz.  N4 Style Ambassador, John Blaine, styled LA Magazine’s Oz-inspired feature using none other than Number 4.  In this fusion of red carpet meets emerald city, the tin man, Dorothy and the Lion and Scarecrow look polished and refined for a jaunt down the yellow brick road.

“With all my clients I start with Super Comb Prep and Protect to get hair ready for styling. Then I used a combination of Styling Foam and Support Solution to blow dry for max volume. Next, using Thermal Styling Spray, I section off hair to prep for irons and waving. After waving, when hair is set, I dab a small about of Texture Styling Crème to ruff up the smoothness of the set.  Lastly, I finish with Mighty Hair Spray.” – John Blaine

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