Mastering Fun and Flirty Hair Braids: Top Tips and Tricks from Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Fun & Flirty Hair Braids

Mastering Fun and Flirty Hair Braids: Top Tips and Tricks from Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Mastering Fun and Flirty Hair Braids: Top Tips and Tricks from Number 4 High Performance Hair Care 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


Looking for a chic hairstyle? How about braids? Achieving fun and flirty hair braids can be tricky for some, however there’s surprisingly more choices than you might imagine when it comes to different types of braids for every braiding skill level. The N4 Hair Care team has got you covered with the top tips and tricks on how to style your braid in a fun and flirty way using N4 paraben-free styling products to ensure your braids lasts all day.

Fun & Flirty Hair Braids

Prep Your Hair Before Braiding

You need to start with smooth, frizz-free hair to ensure your braids last without interruption, so we recommend using the N4 Smoothing Balm to help tame hair before braiding. This amazing anti-frizz styler can now be purchased on a Subscribe and Save, so you never have to worry about running out again – phew! To achieve a pliable yet polished look for your braids, apply the smoothing balm to damp hair before drying it. This incredible formula will help to tame frizz and maintain the brilliance of your braids with long-lasting shine and smoothness throughout the day.

Experiment With Different Braids

Consider trying different styles of braids like the Dutch Braid or Fishtail Braid for a fun and flirty twist! These braids add texture and dimension to your hair, making them look more playful and interesting.

If you’re new to braiding, don’t fret; there are many tutorials are available online to help you master any braid you desire. You can also head over to our blog, “Summer Beach Braids Made Easy” to get step-by-step guidance on how to create these more complex styles.

Fun & Flirty Hair Braids

Accessorize Your Braid

Another way to make your braid stand out is by adding accessories. For example, you can tie a ribbon or scarf around your braid to add color and texture to your hairstyle. Or tie a scarf at the top of your style and incorporate the scarf ends into your sections for a pop of color within your braid. You can also use bobby pins with statement designs like pearls, which will add instant glamour to your hair while keeping your braid neat and tidy.

Add Volume to Your Braid

If you find your hair is fine and flat, add some volume to your braid using the N4 Primp, Play and Slay set. It has everything you and your braid need and is perfect for those who love to experiment! Included is one of our styling favorites, N4 Texture Styling Cream, that helps create pliable separation, texture and body, giving hair grip and making it easier to braid for a playful and flirty look.

Tip: To give braids a “thick look” grasp the top of the braid with one hand and using the other, gently tug the sides of each loop to loosen and widen the braid. Work slowly down, hitting each section of the braid.

Use The Right Products

Finally, using the right hair care products from start to finish is essential to ensuring your braid lasts during the day. We recommend using the N4 Super Comb Prep & Protect before braiding to help detangle hair and prevent breakage. This miracle product works wonders on all hair types and, is one product we (and so many others) simply can’t live without. Lightweight, nourishing, and protective, too. What’s not to love!

Finish off your braid with the N4 Non Aerosol Hair Spray to help hold your style around the clock – this super versatile styling product delivers superb customization and is perfect for setting even the most complicated braid in place without adding any stickiness.

Final Thoughts on Achieving Fun and Flirty Braids at Home

There are endless ways to style your hair with braids, but with these top tips and tricks, you’ll be able to master braids in no time! Our paraben and sulfate-free formulas will help you create braids that last from morning till night and look fabulous everywhere you go. For more on beauty and haircare, check out our other blog post, “How To Maintain The Perfect Blowout.”

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