6 Essential ‘Men’s Hair Care Tips

mens hair care tips

6 Essential ‘Men’s Hair Care Tips

6 Essential ‘Men’s Hair Care Tips 1024 683 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

mens hair care tips

Bonjour Dah-ling!

Let’s hear it for the boys! Today we are paying “homme”age to all the men out there because yes, you deserve to have great hair too. ‘We’re tackling manly manes and talking all things maintenance. The sharpest buzzcut on the block is no good if ‘you’re not properly taking care of your hair.

While there are some slight variations, looking after male as opposed to female hair, the same rules apply if you want to turn heads for all the right reasons and ensure your hairstyle looks as good as the day you stepped out the barbers’ shop.

Here’s our rundown of the essential hair care tips for all you stylish dudes out there.

#1 Don’t be tempted to over wash your hair.

Men tend to think that every time they step into the shower is an opportunity to wash their hair and woe betide anyone who uses an all in one body and hair gel. Just wrong on so many levels!

Limit washing to two or three times a week maximum to ensure that you don’t lose any of those essential oils from the scalp. A great shampoo from the Number 4 range for all you men is our Clarifying Shampoo. Over time, male hair can start to look dull and lifeless, especially if you use a lot of styling products as they can leave behind a residue. By using a clarifying shampoo, you can give your mane the regular deep cleansing treatment it craves.

#2 Don’t rub your hair dry. Gently pat it.

No rough and ready when it comes to your crowning glory. Male scalps are easily stressed and hair can become weak, brittle and thin if you’re rubbing too vigorously. Treat it like you would your Cherie, soft and gentle with tender loving caresses! Ooh la la!

#3 Don’t forget to use a conditioner.

Go for a deeply hydrating conditioner that will lock in plenty of moisture while still leaving your hair sleek yet manageable. N4’s Hydrating Condition is the smart guys choice. It’s anti-aging too and we all know that a full head of hair signifies youth and vitality. Just look at what happened to Samson when he went for the proverbial chop!

#4 One wash is all you need

Forget all those ads that encourage men to wash, rinse and repeat. If you are using an excellent shampoo like any of the vegan-friendly options from the Number 4 range, you need only wash and condition the once. Time is short fellas. No need to do things on repeat!

#5 Have a regular trim

For male hair, we recommend that you get a haircut every 4-6 weeks to ensure that your hair is neatly maintained and you never venture into Edward Scissorhands territory!

#6 For ‘heaven’s sake (and that of your hair), keep it natural

Step away from the coloring, perming and straightening treatments unless it is absolutely essential. Male hair just doesn’t have the same resilience toward chemical or even heat treatments and could end up damaged beyond repair. It will be a case of “hair today, gone tomorrow” otherwise.

# Avoid tight hats and top knots

mens hair care tips

They might be OK for soccer players but both baseball caps and man buns can result in a hair condition known as traction alopecia, which can cause irreversible hair loss.

If your hair is feeling a bit on the rebellious side today, rather than sticking it under a cap, try using N4’s Firm Hold Gel instead which will provide a strong and firm flexible hold without any flakiness or stickiness. It’s pliable with plenty of moldability and is touchable too. An added bonus, tonight is date night!

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