How To Refresh Your Mom Bun This Mother’s Day

Mom Bun Hairstyle

How To Refresh Your Mom Bun This Mother’s Day

How To Refresh Your Mom Bun This Mother’s Day 1024 748 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Moms Day

Bonjour Dah-ling!

Ah yes, the most important date in your social diary is looming large on the horizon, and you need a new hairdo and fast! One that’s easy to achieve and even easier to maintain. After all, you are a busy mom on the run!

Step forward the “Mom Bun.”

If you’re currently out of the maternal loop, this is more than the default style for the energy depleted and sleep-deprived new Mom. With a little bit of finessing, and smoothing back of those stray “baby hairs” (yes, the irony isn’t lost on us either) the mom bun can be elevated to a whole new level, instantly taking you from frazzled to fabulous. A few strategic bobby pins, a generous spritz of Mighty Hair Spray et voila, even unwashed hair can pass as being sleek and sophisticated.

Let’s face it, you’ve precious little time for primping and preening but you’re pretty sure that this year, the hubby and the kids will wow you with their overwhelming generosity, starting with breakfast in bed, followed by lunch at your favorite brasserie and not a hint of washing up, cleaning, or ironing in sight!

Oh Cherie, would that it was true! We know how hard you work and this Mother’s Day we really do hope the family gets the hint!

Here’s a tip from us! Leave this page open on the family computer so that they are in no doubt that this year, you wish to lavish some N4 tender loving care on your stressed out hair. What you really want is Number 4’s Grateful For Mom Hair Set and Dah-ling, who can blame you! We want this miracle kit too.

Whether you’re a busy mum in desperate need of a visit from the hair care bunch or you have a gorgeous Mom that you want to shower with love and appreciation, there’s no better gift than beautiful looking hair. Well, apart from a diamond eternity ring but that really would be wishful thinking! As the saying goes, they don’t build diamonds like bricks and turns out, Number 4’s best-selling high-performance products also come in small, sweet and perfectly neat packages. This kit is all about Hydration because we know what Momma needs the most.

Show some gratitude the Number 4 way and look forward to improved hair shine, strength, moisture and manageability this Mother’s Day. If all else fails, just rock your Mom Bun! Maybe even try adding an eye-catching accessory? You’d be surprised just how much better a disheveled bun will look by adding a bow, a headscarf, or even a headband.

So for all you yummy mummy’s out there, it’s time to rejuvenate your style and treat the Mama in your life to some hair TLC with Number 4’s Grateful For Mom Hair Set.

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