A Traveler’s Must-Have Mini Products

Travel Hair products, travel hair tips

A Traveler’s Must-Have Mini Products

A Traveler’s Must-Have Mini Products 473 564 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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There are few things in life that we despise more than packing. And when confined to a carry-on, choosing what can go and what must stay can feel like a life-altering decision you’re nowhere near equipped to handle. We’re of the firm belief no woman should have to sacrifice a good hair day in the name of travel – and we have an entire collection of TSA-approved little wonders to prove it! So while we can’t help you narrow down your wardrobe selection or guarantee that the airport security line will be a breeze, we can ensure you won’t spend your vacay stressing over lackluster tresses that don’t make the grade. Because let’s be honest…if your hair looks flawless, does anything else really matter?

Travel Hair products, travel hair tips

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Control Fly-Aways While You Fly Away

Recycled airplane air doesn’t exactly do our beauty routine any favors. But there are ways to combat travel-induced frizz and fly-aways. Flying can leave your hair dry and full of static, so start your travel day with a leave-in conditioner and pack a TSA-friendly sized hair serum, like Fluoro5 Elixer, to smooth hair and add shine before deboarding. Whether your flight is two hours or ten, you’ll be looking your best upon arrival!

Don’t Settle For Subpar Shampoo

While your hotel’s complimentary shampoo and conditioner might come in the cutest teeny-tiny packaging, it doesn’t guarantee a good hair day. In fact, if you’ve ever found yourself trying to brush through your tangles post hotel shower, you know how totally ineffective these products can be. So rather than risking a bad hair day (or worse, bad hair trip), bring your own goodies along for the adventure. Look for products that add moisture – our mini Hydrating Shampoo and Condition will do the trick. If you think those hotel shampoo bottles are cute, wait until you see our mini darlings!

Cut Down Blow Dry Time

When suitcase space is tight, the blow dryer is often the first thing to get the boot. And while it’s a logical choice, it means you’ll be forced to play nice with your hotel’s less than impressive hair dryer come primping time. Sure, we appreciate the convenience, but these dryers often double the time it takes to style your hair. So rather than wasting precious vacation time under the blow of warm air, add a dallop of Mini Blow Dry Lotion to your tresses and reduce your drying time. And did we mention it’s humidity resistant?

When it comes to travel, you deserve more than just hair care in exceptionally cute, mini packaging. You need a product with all the charm of a tiny bottle, but that still packs a powerful punch! Our Mini Collection doesn’t just make packing a million times easier…it will keep your strands stunning in every last picture you take on your trip so you can hold onto those memories for years to come!


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