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Here is the Scoop on How to Use Number 4 Salon Affiliate Program – Incentives for both you and your client!

You – Earn a 15% commission on Number 4 Hair Care retail products at
Your clients and social followers – Receive a 15% discount on their purchases at when they enter your special code.
Here’s how the Salon Affiliate Program works:

  • Step 1 – To participate in the Salon Affiliate Program and receive 15% commission on client retail purchases email [email protected]. On the email subject line write: Sign Me Up to be a Salon Affiliate! Include your information and our concierge team will help you with the process from there!
  • Step 2 – Within 2-3 days you will receive a W-9 form via email to complete (So we know where to send your check to!).
  • Step 3 – Send your completed W-9 form to [email protected].
  • W9 – Please complete this form with only 1 number – either Tax ID or Social Security. Make sure the name on this form matches the name on the Social Security Account. Scan the completed form and send to us, or take a picture and email back to [email protected].
  • Your Salon Affiliate account will only be activated once we receive your completed W-9 form!
  • Step 4 – Once it’s activated you will receive your own unique promo code from our N4 Concierge. This code will be attached to you and your information and will help us track your clients’ orders. It is extremely important for clients to add it to their orders or we will not know it is you and can’t process your commission!!!
  • Step 5 – Share your Number 4 promo code with your current and future clients.


Be specific! Explain that when they place their order there will be a box on the checkout page asking for a coupon code.  When they enter your code – it will give them their 15% discount.

  •  We recommend that you create regular email blasts, write blogs, and shoot videos (with your promo code) to educate your clients on how to use Number 4 products. This will encourage them to experience Number 4 and shop.
  • Step 6 – We will calculate your commission amount (not including returns, shipping or taxes) and will send you a check within 40-65 days.
  • We hope that you find this revenue generating program helpful. You are also welcome to participate in our Direct Ship Program, ask our concierge for details.  Be sure to also familiarize yourself with our Policies and Procedures available at
  • Please note that the terms and conditions of the Salon Affiliate and Drop Ship Program are subject to change.

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