The N4 Guide To Lazy Girl Hair

Guide to lazy girl hair

The N4 Guide To Lazy Girl Hair

The N4 Guide To Lazy Girl Hair 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


Don’t you just envy those girls who rock up to work and their hair looks effortlessly gorgeous? The ones who woke up looking like that while you set your alarm an hour early to try and tame your wild mane! Never fear, Number 4 is here with the most excellent news!

Bedhead hair is trending! Yes really. It’s quite possibly the best news we’ve had so far this year! Read on and find out what lazy girl hair style works best for you using our professional hair care products.

Guide to lazy girl hair

Top 3 Lazy Girl Hair Styles for Summer 2023

Disheveled updo

This is perfect for those with long layers, coming up to hair wash day. Pin your hair up or use a hair tie and let some of the long layers fall out of the style. If your natural hair texture has a curl to it you can always sleep in braids or use a curling wand to define the texture a little more.

Focus on putting the back part of your hair up, whether that be into a ponytail, messy bun or even a half up half down style.

For a super quick finish we recommend using N4s Mighty Hair Spray – just a few light spritzes! Its flexible hold will keep your hair intact all day with a non-sticky, no hairspray feeling. This is perfect for the softness of this style and you can stay looking chic all day and of course, it’s sulfate and paraben free too.

Surfer girl locks

If there’s one thing about surfer girls that stands out it’s their effortlessly stunning salt kissed hair. They spend all day in the sea, under the sun and on the sand, yet they have the softest and dreamiest locks.

This style works perfectly if you’ve already got waves/curly hair. Use the N4 Sugar Texturizing Spray and lightly spray into your locks, and scrunch your hair up in your hand as it sets.

This is going to give you touchable, soft, beach waves whilst also helping to define your natural waves. If it’s coming up to hair wash day, grab a hair tie and loosely braid the front sections of your hair and join together at the back.

Loose braid

This is such a gorgeous style for those with straight locks. Since we’re in the year 2023 and sleek is in style, we’ve mixed a slicked back look with the messiness of a pulled-out-braid to still achieve the ‘lazy girl’ look.

Despite the slicked back style making you look super put together, it actually only takes a few minutes to do and can all be achieve with N4’s botanical hair care products. Grab a hair tie and N4s Firm Hold Gel and scoop your hair up tightly, using the gel on the sides of your hair to keep it all in place.

Start to loosely braid your pony, and if you have layers then extra points to you as they’ll fall out and add to the lazy girl hair style!

You’ll look super put together yet in an effortless way! Ideal for when you’re having a lazy day.

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