New Years and New Trending Hairstyles To Try

New trending styles for the new year

New Years and New Trending Hairstyles To Try

New Years and New Trending Hairstyles To Try 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


What’s that saying… New year, new me? At Number 4 we like to say – New year, new hair!

2023 is the year to embrace that style you’ve been dying to try, whether it’s a risky chop or a daring color change – it’s time to take the leap.

Going into a new year always feels a like a personal reinvention is upon us. We may have resolutions, a word of the year or even a list on what we want to do in the new year. Nevertheless, for 2023 we say to follow your hopes and dreams – including getting that new hairstyle!

N4 has rounded up some of the best predicted trending hairstyles for next year (spoiler alert – think 90s and Y2k vibes all the way!), so you can get some hair-spiration for your next salon visit.

New trending styles for the new year

Top Trending Hairstyles for New Year

Slicked Back

Last year we saw the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic dominating the trends and it’s here to stay! A number one style that was joint to the hip of this aesthetic was the slicked back bun combined with barely-there makeup.

The only difference as we head into 2023 is that we may see this transform into a side parting – still just as sleek and gorgeous.

And to help you get the look, make sure to use N4s Firm Hold Gel. It’s got a flexible but non-sticky formula so you can achieve style, body, shine and control. If you run it through damp hair and dry with a hair dryer you’ll be left with an ultimate shine!

The Butterfly Cut

Think long and feathery layers – delicate and elegant yet super stylish!

It’s the perfect effortless look that has so much body to it, and it works so well for all hair textures.

When it comes to styling this cut, it’s all about the volume dah-ling! And if you’re fully invested, N4 has a fantastic Volumize Collection. And for everyday use make sure to use N4 Mighty Hair Spray to give you the root lift you’re after.

Simply spray into hair from a slight distance and you can even backcomb the roots for extra oomph!

The Box Bob

If you haven’t heard of the Box Bob then all you need to know is that it’s a face lift, but for your hair. We’re all looking for these sorts of hacks and this is the perfect one to try out next year!

It’s super stylish and perfect for thin hair that maybe needs a little brightening up. It adds so much texture that comes with shape and volume. The perfect thing about this bob is that you can alter the lengths of the front, or customize the shape depending on your face shape.

When it comes to styling, nothing looks better than adding a sexy wave! Use N4 Sugar Texturizing Spray to achieve this as well as a glossy finish. It’s a quick and easy way to style as you only need to spray into dry or damp locks and blow dry as desired.

The Octopus Cut

The Octopus cut isn’t as slimy as it sounds! It’s absolutely gorgeous as the evolution of the shags and mullets. It involves lots of layers, short and long, and will basically replicate the legs of an octopus!

It’s a style that works best on straight or wavy hair as the idea is to remove volume if you have too much.

N4 Smoothing Balm works perfectly for this style as it’ll leave your hair lovely and sleek allowing all of those face framing layers looking sharp and defined! All you need to do is apply to freshly washed and damp hair and blow dry as desired!

And there you have it Dah-ling, you heard it from the best! Make sure you know how to protect these gorgeous locks of yours no matter the weather heading into 2023, and read up on how to style your hair for rainy days. And don’t forget to stock up on all your favorite N4 botanical hair care products to see you through 2023 sulfate free!

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